Waikiki Expands Offline Presence in Mumbai
Waikiki Expands Offline Presence in Mumbai

Embark on a culinary journey to a tropical haven at Waikiki in Mumbai, where the vibrant rainforest meets the spirit of aloha. Based on his experience from Michelin-star kitchens and mentorship under Chef Peter Fleming, Executive Chef David Cagle crafted a menu featuring Hawaiian ingredients like Maui olive oil. The menu combines Hawaiian cuisine with Teppanyaki and Robata styles, reflecting Hawaii's diverse cultural influences.

Chef David Cagle said, "The inspiration for the menu comes from Hawaii's rich cultural tapestry, and we have blended Hawaiian cuisine with Teppanyaki and Robata to create something unique."

Guests can immerse themselves in a Hawaiian-themed sanctuary, enjoying cocktails curated by Karl Fernandes and Deepak Koranga that evoke island vibes. The restaurant's interior, reflecting the journey of a nomadic tribe, is a collaboration with international and local designers to create a captivating ambiance rich in cultural influences.

Signature drinks include Powhiri Picante for a spicy kick, Luau – a blend of granola rum and yuzu highball, and Hawaiian Sunset – a hibiscus Paloma served on tap. The Humuhumunukunukuapua'a, a tropical Martini with notes of banana and guava, is named after Hawaii's national fish. Classic cocktails like Don's Grog, Three Dots and a Dash, and A Zombie are also available.

"Each sip is designed to transport you to a tropical paradise where tradition meets innovation," said Karl Fernandes.

Waikiki offers a unique dining experience where the traditions of Hawaiian cuisine blend seamlessly with contemporary culinary techniques, creating an inviting retreat in the heart of Mumbai.

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