Westin Pune's Rajdeep Rana & Chef Ishitiyaque Quereshi Team Up for Culinary Marvels
Westin Pune's Rajdeep Rana & Chef Ishitiyaque Quereshi Team Up for Culinary Marvels

Chef Rajdeep Rana, the Director of Culinary at The Westin Pune Koregaon Park, introduces a partnership with Chef Ishitiyaque Quereshi, a culinary personality recognized for his contributions to North West frontier cuisine.

Collaborating seamlessly, they will integrate Chef Ishitiyaque's renowned Dum Phukt menu into the Aafreen-Inspired Indian dining experience, enriching the culinary offerings at The Westin Pune Koregaon Park.

This partnership is a milestone in Pune's culinary world as Chef Ishitiyaque's commitment to preserving traditional cooking techniques ensures the introduction of North West flavors to enthusiastic diners.

Collaborating closely with Chef Rajdeep Rana, they will present Awadhi cuisine which is renowned for its rich spices and royal heritage, enriching Pune's culinary landscape with a fresh perspective.

"Our aim extends beyond mere menu expansion. We strive to craft an immersive culinary journey where each dish narrates a tale of tradition, dedication, and culinary excellence. Our chefs have meticulously curated a menu that captures the essence of Awadhi cuisine, offering Puneites an authentic regional culinary experience. Embracing the magic of collaboration in the kitchen to elevate dining experiences and celebrate India's diverse gastronomy, we are thrilled to partner with Chef Ishitiyaque Quereshi at Aafreen." said Chef Rajdeep Rana.

Aafreen encapsulates impactful idea to introduce Pune to the wide array of flavors from across India, one dish at a time. From street eats to biryanis, every detail of Aafreen, from its decor inspired by India's rich cultural legacy to its atmosphere, has been designed to transport diners into a realm of gastronomic pleasures.

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