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Mukunda Foods is a food automation company which has an end-to-end integration with in-house R&D, manufacturing facility and global service network. We help global food industry fulfill their kitchen automation goals, gain competitive advantage, reduce operational costs and maximize customer satisfaction. With our unique business model, we have food brands at the center of our innovation. We partner with brands to custom create robotic solutions for them, thus automating their food making process. From identifying their automation requirements to building customized bots that fulfills their technological and operational aspirations, we help brands gain competitive advantage that helps them scale up and succeed. Our unrivaled domain and subject expertise, proficiency in emerging technologies like IoT has led to the development of innovative food bots that are and will continue to change the shape of the food industry. We believe that technology and human intelligence/ experience can together create the new era of automation. And we are the front runners in this new age. Mukunda Foods has been frequently honored with technology and entrepreneurial awards - Tech Exchange Winner, Tata First Dot Judges Choice winner, Wadhwani Foundation Entrepreneur of the Decade to name a few. Trusted by over 2000 outlets in 27 countries, Mukunda Foods has helped companies achieve their financial and customer goals. To know more about us, our team and products, please visit

Products List

  • We have now a range of solutions covering every aspect of cooking. We have MiSty (High steaming microwave)
  • RiCo (Automatic Rice machine)
  • Robotic Eco-Fryer
  • Assistive Cooking Technology (ACT)
  • DosaMatic
  • Wokie (Chinese Cuisine machine) to an Automatic Co
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