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Paivi is India's first edible Drinking straw company started with the goal to manufacture a better future. Paivi is a start-up focusing on bringing an Eco-friendly revolution. We at Paivi are mainly focusing on adding value with our deeds to the environment by introducing directly to the larger set of consumers; the benefits of Eco-friendly products. In this era, we rarely find things that are friendly to people and nature. We at Paivi are here with the goal to assist everyone to be part of this Eco friendly Revolution; with our collection of Eco friendly, Biodegradable and Sustainable Products for usage in day-to-day life. Together we can strive to do a bit for the Environment & avoid usage of Plastic and other harmful toxic products by recreating what can be easily compostable. Starting this with the basic day-to-day product like toothbrush, straws, disposable cups, cutlery, etc. which are considered minimal yet used in huge quantities. Instead if we start making a change by changing habits of using plastics with items made of biodegradable products which are compo-stable, Eco-friendly, cost effective, user friendly & obvious unique for customers. Started in March 2019 by Ruchi Jain (Proprietor) solely serves 50+hotels / restaurants & made sales of 3.5mn drinking straws and 0.75mn Biodegradable amenities in initial 8 months and is also connected with premium companies as customers like Hilton Hotels & resorts, Sula Vineyard, Effingut Breweries, Chai Stop, Drunken Monkey, and many more. About Ruchi (Proprietor) An accomplished Marketer with enterprising objectives & creative goals who cherishes mountains and tries to have an Eco-accommodating upheaval with little advances that can help getting large changes.

Products List

  • 1. Edible Drinking Straw2. Biodegradable Hotel amenities 3. Bamboo Essentials
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