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Our Oats are sourced from Australia and processed in best oat milling company. We have a special specification required for the industry for our Oats products. We source and store in state of the art warehouse for maintaining best quality Oats to our valued customers. We are located in Pune, Maharashtra. We have dedicated and motivated management, traditional and innovative products with comprehensive, highly regarded quality management system is the basis for the present and future success of Sakaria Trade Corporation. Whilst specialized in oats products such as Rolled Oats, Instant Oats, Steelcut Oats, Oats Groats and Oats Flour. Sakaria Trade Corporation is unique in its willingness to deliver a flexible, customer orientated approach to meet the individual needs of its business partners. We join hands and supply our quality products to repackers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers etc with competitively priced making win-win situation for all in the supply chain. It is our endeavor to team up with small and large companies alike to provide healthy, superior and affordable food products to meet the demands of the market place. Sakaria Trade Corporation is conscious of its social and environmental responsibilities and committed to supplying healthy, nutritious foods with special packing. The ways in which we accomplish this goal have expanded across the country and have been invented and reinvented as needed, and embraced the stocking facility and supply chain more fully than ever. With each step, the roots of our original mission continues to grow. Our Vision To continue to expand and become a renowned oat distribution company. Our greatest priority is to deliver superior quality and follow the highest levels of food safety while complying with social and economic responsibilities. Our Mission To import and source with maintaining the highest standards of quality established by the industry in such a way that allows us to increase vendor and consumer satisfaction.

Products List

  • 1) Rolled Oats/ Jumbo Oats/ Big Leaf Oats2) Instant Oats / Quick Oats / White Oats3) Steel Cut Oats/ Dalia/ Pinhead Oats/ Irish Oats4) Oat Groats/ Naked Oats/ De-hulled Oats5) Oat Flour/ Oats Powder6) Black Rice7) Red Rice Poha
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