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Sarunya Health Sciences is a woman-led startup that is working on multiple products for disinfection that are environmentally safe and guarantee all-round protection to users. One of our unique research ideas involves rapid disinfection methods that involve zero use of chemicals. It led us to use UV-C lights to develop sanitizing solutions that make life simpler and ensures complete peace of mind. Our flagship product, Beam Box, a UV light sterilizer, disinfects items within three minutes and ensures a microbial free surface. Our commitment to quality implies that we only use state-of-the-art materials to manufacture this unique product. As a result, Beam Box has been certified by world-famous laboratories for 99.9998% reduction in microbial infections. It’s a product that we believe should become a habit for people to use on a daily basis

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  • Beam Box is specially designed using three UV-C germicidal lamps with wavelength of 254 nanometers to disinfect personal
  • household
  • and office belongings. Proven to be effective against all types of pathogens and viruses — including E.Coli and Coronaviru
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