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The meaning of the brand's 'SWA' is the art of self-perseverance, self-confidence and perseverance because not every person is born rich. Some of them get rich by working hard, some by showing self-perseverance and some by showing self-confidence. Most of the time people get rich by seeing their love and moving in that direction by working hard. Self brand was started with the love of three such Marathi youths. That passion is to preserve the taste of the declining food in our traditional culture and to create innovative foods, as well as to taste different foods. Because all three of them came to the city from their respective villages and settled down to pursue a career. In such a situation, many like you met a lot of people who are reminded of the taste of traditional food of the village, because it shows a difference in the taste of traditional spices of the village, hence the concept of Swa brand has been introduced.

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  • Misal Bhakri Misal pavmisal shotdahi misalvada misalmisal scotchupwasachi misalgulacha chaha
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