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UStraww is not just another straw company; we are a revolution. Our mission at UStraww is to reduce the consumption of harmful Plastic straws and paper ones while also levelling up drinking experiences everywhere. We are India's first-ever Pasta Straw Company. WHY USTRAWW? It is - chemical free, edible and bio-degradable so you can live a healthier lifestyle while protecting planet earth! The Pasta Straw is designed for the quality experience without tampering with your drink's taste: you can munch on it later if you want! It also makes a great treat for sea animals when thrown in the ocean or seas. If there are avid chocolate lovers out there, they'd appreciate our Cocoa Straw that was especially design to pair well with drinks like Cold-coffee, Frappe, Chocolate drinks, etc.

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  • At Present
  • UStraww offers 2 varieties of straw
  • i.e. Pasta Straw and Cocoa Straw. A new innovative straw has been created that stays in drinks for more than 1 hour without changing the taste of your drink. The Pasta Straw comes with 24 cm length 5 mm
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