Mr. Abhishek Ganguly Managing Director, PUMA India

Abhishek Ganguly leads PUMA’s India business. He assumed the position of Managing Director in 2014, and has since grown India revenues by 70% while leading PUMA to become the largest brand in the space of sports andlifestyle in India.Under Abhishek’s leadership, India has become the eighth largest market for PUMA globally.

PUMA established India operations in 2006, and currently has 355 exclusive stores across 120 cities. Abhishek was part of the founding team which established the business in India.PUMA was one of the first brands to focus on the women’s segment, by providing a wide array of apparel and footwear that is high on performance and style.

A leader who thrives in adversity, Abhishek always encourages his team to push the envelope in terms of performance. He was instrumental in bringing Indian athlete Virat Kohli on board as a global ambassador for PUMA, entering into a multi-year partnership with the youth icon.

He is very passionate about sports and fitness, and fervently stands for promoting this cause. He advocates that sports has to reach the grassroots for the overall development of the country. He himself is an active Badminton, Tennis and Basketball player and treats middle distance running as a key element of his training regime.

Abhishek is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Lucknow. He describes himself as "An unconventional leader who constantly challenges the status quo to evolve new ways to be always future ready."