Omni Channel Summit

The Omnichannel Summit will build an understanding of transforming from a traditional retail organization to a omnichannel commerce enterprise by building deep understanding of customer behaviour and accordingly building fast sweeping changes in your business to grow and thrive in this new world of connected commerce. The summit will Accelerate Indian retail with new ideas, exciting innovations and cutting edge technology.

Omni-channel Leadership: The Power and Possibility of Omni-channel

Optimizing on Blended Commerce with Physical –Digital integration calls for innovation with Omni-channel commerce and delivering an exceptional shopping experience across every touchpoint.

Measuring the value of experiential

Experiential is a trend which continues to gain momentum in the industry and retailers are, very consciously, promoting the in-store 'experiences' to delight and surprise the customer in-store. The retailers at the forefront of experiential retailing will share tangible takeaways from strategy and implementation through to growth.

FMCG + Retail: Working together for better customer service

Enhancing at the intersection: FMCG-Retail-ecommerce play

  • FMCG and retail /ecommerce have a common goal – to ensure a happy customer. How can the relationship between be enhanced?
  • How can FMCG and retail work together to better serve the customer?
  • What new service strategies will emerge as secret weapons for success?
  • Life without Grocers: Are FMCG ready to start selling their brands direct to consumers?

The future of retail: One size doesn't fit all

The brick and mortar store: Bigger + Better or Smaller + Profitable

The great debate - what next for malls?

  • How to win the battle for footfall and conversion?
  • Will destination malls help developers survive in the future?
  • Malls in the age of eCommerce: From experimental retail to product collection points

What does it take to transform a business with traditional retail roots into one which is digitally led?

The Future Fit Retail Store: How Design and Tech is Changing the game

A new set of brand behaviours is required to rebuild trust, reconnect with consumers and re-engage with communities.

With the role of the store changing, retailers need to place larger emphasis on store design and technology enabled service offerings to drive footfall.

How The New Leadership for Retail Organization thinks

The session will host a panel of retails highest rated Retail CEO's as they discuss on

  • What action is imperative to diversity and inclusion in the modern workplace?
  • How they've supercharged their strategies for recruiting and retaining talent.
  • How CEO's retailers are competing for hot digital talent with the disruptors and tech giants of this world.
  • How they are making their company culture more appealing?

Why the data economy is changing retail

  • Reinventing the customer experience with analytics
  • Why understanding data is key to winning and retailing customers?
  • Why protecting data is key in retail customer experience?
  • Why analytics is a key tool in retail?


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