Payments Conference

The future of payments is now. Banks, retailers and merchants alike are rapidly adapting to the new payments landscape.

The Payments conference will bring together the entire payments eco-system to discuss, debate and evaluate alternative payment strategies and technologies that will make transactions easier to manage and profitable for Brands and Retailers.

Digital Payments: Where Do We Really Stand?

  • The mainstream adoption for Digital Payments – current Market size and trends
  • Is the wallet and payment industry headed towards consolidation?
  • Giving consumers a reason to register and use the e-payment service
  • What incentives will actually change consumer habits: rewards, in-app and online payments, offers and notifications
  • Using mobile payments as the catalyst for a better commerce experience
  • Is mobile payment infrastructure up to scratch?

The Converging World Of Commerce And Payments: Transforming Transactions: Towards A Smart Cashless Society With Contactless Payment.

Integrated loyalty: Marrying rewards points to Digital Payments

  • The E-evolution of loyalty: Going beyond points and rewards
  • Adding 'Targeted Offers' in a Digital Payment infrastructure
  • Blurring the lines between payment experience and loyalty
  • Allowing customers to check out with a single tap in-store, online and in-app
  • Instilling strong loyalty programmes that increase footfall for merchants
  • Utilizing the strong connection between mobile order and pay and loyalty programs
  • Leveraging data to predict peak hours and demand for products to alleviate congestion

No Hack: Can Seamless But Secure Experiences Co-exist? Detecting and prohibiting payment fraud Payments & Fintech

  • Pinpointing the "real" location of the mobile device
  • Determining the model and if device is a prepaid device
  • Associating other transactions with the device
  • Determining if it is a card-present or a card-not-present transaction
  • Ascertaining if the financial information being used has been compromised
  • Valuating if your organisation has expertise, resources, time, and money to develop its own fraud solution
  • Conducting fraud audits that include evaluation of mobile fraud prevention

Payment Revolution: How Will Blockchain Dramatically Change Digital Payments

  • Creating a new e-currency: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Bit coin payment integration to point of sale
  • How Block chain can bring legitimate touch in a supply chain - from a supplier to a manufacturer to a shipper
  • Producing data that is synchronised, replicated and shared securely
  • B2B global Payments Ease : How Blockchain cuts across geographies, banks and computer systems
  • How Crypto-currencies Allow quick movement of money at fraction of transaction cost


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