Ms. Priyanka Gill, Founder & CEO - POPxo

In 2014, Priyanka Gill, launched - today, the country's largest digital platform for women. An ambitious entrepreneur, over three years, she built the company into a highly data-driven and tech-enabled platform that rallies in a record figure of 299 million engaged content views. Gill was ahead of the market in spotting the gap in content that addressed women. She created POPxo as a safe and empowering destination for women users. Today, on an average, 11.2 million women log over 4 million active hours on all POPxo platforms in a month. The videos alone garnered over 250 million views in October. POPxo has become a voice for young Indian women. In June 2017, Gill spotted another need of the times -- the need to bring individual influencers on to a single platform that helped them reach marketers more easily. She launched Plixxo, that has become in less than six months, India's largest influencer marketing platform. As of today, Plixxo has over 18000 influencers.