Samantha Zirkin CEO and Founder, Point 93, New York

Samantha Zirkin is the CEO and Founder of Point 93, which leverages blockchain and a novel form of equitable pricing to enable a conversation between retailers and their individual customers. She designed and patented a universal, customer-facing platform to capture and analyze data that allows for unique market insights and individual customer identities. She is focused on delivering effective revenue maximization strategies and allowing retailers to partner with their customers in evolving more ethical, sustainable business practices.

Samantha is a global expert in retail personalization and blockchain and has been featured in Forbes and has spken in prominent conferences including Davos during the World Economic Forum and Retail's Big Show.

By empowering individuals with their own blockchain identities, and a new mode of conversation that captures previously unknowable data and sentiment, her company, "Point 93," revolutionizes how we buy, price, and sell.