Carl's Jr. Expands to Florida
Carl's Jr. Expands to Florida

The parent company of Carl's Jr, CKE Restaurants Inc has announced a strategic partnership with RSMG Holding LLC and Retail & Food International Brand to introduce the iconic burger chain to South Florida.

As per an official press release, Carl's Jr. is set to debut its first Florida location in Doral by the end of 2023.

Chris Bode is the Chief Operating Officer of CKE Restaurants has expressed enthusiasm about introducing the renowned Carl's Jr. brand to South Florida.

Bode emphasized that Carl's Jr. is renowned for its irresistibly bold flavors, making it a perfect fit for the vibrant and audacious lifestyle of South Florida.

The region holds significant importance in CKE Restaurants' growth strategy, and the company is eagerly anticipating welcoming the South Florida community to savor their prepared menu offerings.

Ron Santolaya, along with partners Milko Grbic and Claudio Fernandez, leads RSMG, the company spearheading Carl's Jr.'s expansion in Florida.

As per the announcement, the team plans to commence construction on the inaugural Florida Carl's Jr. restaurant in the upcoming summer season.

CKE Restaurants and RSMG are actively seeking real estate partners that possess drive-thru capabilities to collaborate on the development of 35 Carl's Jr. locations throughout South Florida.

Ron Santolaya, expressed excitement about introducing the cherished CKE brands to Florida, starting with the grand opening of the Carl's Jr. location in Doral.

Santolaya highlighted the significance of this expansion, as it would mark Carl's Jr.'s first venture into the South Florida community, bringing with it a rejuvenating and novel dining experience for local residents.

Carl's Jr. has more than 1,000 locations across the western part of the U.S. and more than 300 restaurants in Mexico.


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