DeVANS Expands Production in UP, Adds 2 Million Cases to Capacity
DeVANS Expands Production in UP, Adds 2 Million Cases to Capacity

DeVANS, known as India's most established producer of high-quality malt spirits and a range of award-winning beers, has established a production agreement with Vairagi Brewery in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh.

This new partnership will increase their production capacity by 24,000 kiloliters, equating to an additional 2 million cases annually.

“Uttar Pradesh is a huge beer market and DeVANS was finding it increasingly difficult to feed the market to its full potential due to capacity constraints. The Vairagi production tie up would go a long way in helping us in meeting the demand for our beers in the State. It would also help us to avoid the additional costs of import duties and freight as also enhance our overall production capacity to 1,80,600 KL.” said Mr. Prem Dewan, Chairman & Managing Director, DeVANS Modern Breweries Ltd.

 DeVANS is known for its iconic beer brands like Godfather, Six Fields, and Kotsberg, operates two breweries, one in Rajasthan and another in Jammu.

In the past year, they have been manufacturing their beers through production agreements in Arunachal and Jharkhand.

Additionally, the company has recently formed a production partnership with Vairagi Brewery in Uttar Pradesh, marking their third such collaboration.

DeVANS has entered into a strategic partnership with Tropical Breweries Ltd in Tamil Nadu, which will commence production of the company's brands by November this year.

Notably, these collaborations involve state of the art breweries equipped with top-notch infrastructure for ensuring the production of high-quality beers.

DeVANS has been actively working on creating innovative products to introduce to the Indian market.

Among their offerings are Six Fields Cult, the country's first Belgian-style strong wheat beer, and Godfather Super 8, which is India's exclusive beer with an 8% alcohol by volume (ABV).

Beyond their beer lineup, DeVANS is exploring opportunities to expand their spirits portfolio. Last year, they ventured into the Single Malt segment with the successful launch of GianChand single malt whisky, which received exceptional reviews.

They have plans to introduce a couple of additional single malt expressions with extended maturation, expected by December 2023, along with the upcoming release of a premium craft gin and a blended whisky in the following year.

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