Domino's struggles to compete with Italy's rich and diverse pizza culture
Domino's struggles to compete with Italy's rich and diverse pizza culture

Domino's Pizza, which is among the biggest pizza chains globally, has announced its decision to abandon its efforts to establish a presence in the birthplace of pizza.

Media reports suggest that ePizza, Domino's Italian franchise partner, has started liquidating the company's assets in Italy in an attempt to recoup some of its initial investments.

This follows the closure of the pizza chain's outlets in Rome and Milan last year.

According to Xinhua news agency, the company's social media accounts have not been updated since last year and its Italian website was reported to be inactive as of Thursday.

Despite unsuccessful attempts to reach ePizza on Thursday, the US-based press office of Domino's Pizza has acknowledged the reports regarding the company's departure from Italy, as confirmed by Xinhua news agency.

Although Domino's Pizza is considered the largest pizza chain globally, generating $12.3 billion in annual revenue, the company, which has been around for 63 years, failed to establish a successful presence in Italy.

In 2015, Domino's Pizza made an entry into the Italian market with an ambitious plan of opening as many as 880 stores. However, the company was only able to reach a peak of 29 locations before closing down its last outlets in Rome and Milan last year.

Pizza's origin is unclear, but there are records from ancient times of soldiers cooking flatbread with toppings on their shields.

An ancient Roman poem, dated back to the first-century BC, describes locals cooking bread and cheese on hot ashes, referred to as "pinsa," a term that is still used today to describe certain types of Roman pizza.

While the origins of pizza are uncertain, the modern version of the dish is believed to have originated in Naples during the 18th century. It was initially a popular and filling meal among the lower classes.


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