EatFit and HRX Strengthen Partnership with Offline Stores for Healthier Lifestyles
EatFit and HRX Strengthen Partnership with Offline Stores for Healthier Lifestyles

EatFit, the largest healthy food platform in India operated by Curefoods, and HRX by Hrithik Roshan, India's premier homegrown fitness brand, have jointly announced the introduction of HRX by EatFit offline stores.

This move further reinforces their shared dedication to improving people's lifestyles and promoting healthier choices through nutritious food.

Following their successful collaboration, which began in July 2022, this expansion into offline stores represents a significant milestone in their partnership.

It enables customers to directly experience the diverse offerings of HRX by EatFit and signifies the continued growth and success of their association.

HRX, the fitness brand established by Hrithik Roshan and Exceed Entertainment, is India's inaugural homegrown fitness brand that prioritizes empowering individuals with health-conscious options in terms of fitness and nutrition, aiding them in their journey towards self-improvement.

"I am thrilled to witness the expansion of our partnership with EatFit through the launch of our offline stores. HRX aims at providing holistic solutions to live a healthier lifestyle and eating right is crucial to our vision. The values that both EatFit and HRX as brands hold are deeply interconnected and we pride ourselves on this synergy. I hope that the HRX by EatFit offline stores will enable individuals to access nutritional meals on the go.” said  Hrithik Roshan, founder of HRX

The brand provides a wide array of products to its customers, including fitness apparel, footwear, accessories, sports equipment, home gym equipment, bicycles, smart wearables, and more. Its diverse product range caters to the holistic fitness needs of individuals, allowing them to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Since the partnership between EatFit and HRX began in July 2022, HRX by EatFit has experienced impressive growth.

The brand's revenue has been doubling every quarter, with annualized revenue of INR 25 crores. Building on this success, the brands have set their sights on launching 10 offline stores initially, with a long-term vision of reaching 150 stores by 2025.

These stores will primarily target major metro cities and gradually expand to Tier 1 cities, ensuring a broader reach for their offerings.

The strategic locations chosen for the offline stores include food courts, fitness studios, and malls, maximizing accessibility, visibility, and customer engagement.

The menu at these stores will feature a diverse selection of health bowls, health jars, smoothies, and smoothie bowls, combining convenience with optimal nutrition.

“The offline stores will showcase the unique USP of EatFit and HRX first-hand to the customers, bringing a focus to nutritional meals that are specially crafted to seek a healthy lifestyle. I believe that this move will bring awareness among the minds of people towards consuming a nutritional diet, and see success in our partnership with HRX.” said Ankit Nagori, Founder of Curefoods.

The introduction of these offline stores marks a major milestone for EatFit and HRX, highlighting their ongoing commitment to prioritize the health and well-being of their customers through their collaborative efforts.

By seamlessly combining nutrition and fitness, the brands are well-positioned to make a lasting impact on the landscape of health and fitness.


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