Indri Surpasses 100k Cases, Named World's Fastest Growing Single Malt
Indri Surpasses 100k Cases, Named World's Fastest Growing Single Malt

Indri Single Malt Whisky, the pioneering triple cask single malt from Piccadily Distilleries, has bolstered India’s narrative of growth with Indri-Trini achieving the distinction of being the 'fastest growing single malt whisky worldwide'.

No other single malt, whether from Scotland, Japan, Taiwan, or any other region, has achieved the milestone of surpassing 100,000 cases within just two years of its introduction.

This achievement places Indri-Trini among the elite ranks of the world's best-selling single malt whiskies, defying all expectations.

Indri is rewriting the rulebook with an unparalleled growth surge of 599% from the previous year, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Securing a remarkable 30% market share in India, Indri has established itself as a frontrunner.

With ambitious expansion strategies, Piccadily Distilleries aims to position itself among the top 5 best-selling single malt whiskies globally.

“In a market once dominated by imported labels, Indri stands tall as a beacon of Indian excellence. It's not just a brand; it's a symbol of national pride, elevating the status of Indian spirits to unparalleled heights. Indri isn't just leading the charge; it's leading a revolution”, said Praveen Malviya, CEO, Piccadily Distilleries.

According to industry data, Indian single malt whiskies have experienced a remarkable surge, surpassing Scottish counterparts with a remarkable 144% increase in sales during 2021-22, and this momentum continues to grow.

Initial projections by the Confederation of Indian Alcoholic Beverage Companies (CIABC) suggest that Indian single malts captured an impressive 53% share of total sales in 2023, outpacing imported brands.




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