Kolkata has got a New Alcohol Destination 'Hedonne'
Kolkata has got a New Alcohol Destination 'Hedonne'

Kolkata has got new destination Hedonne, a premium shopping destination for all things alcohol.

Offering one-of-a-kind experience for all liquor needs, it offers a complete solution under one roof.

Spread over 7500 sq ft, it is the brainchild of Vikash Musaddi, Mayank Shroff, Anant Shroff, Vikas Murarka and Anurag Murarka, Hedonne, was conceptualized with the idea that purchasing alcohol should be an experience, not a transaction.

“There was a major dearth of places to purchase good liquor in the city. Thus far, it has always felt like a transactional affair, where the customer goes in blind. When we buy a perfume, we get to try a few and then buy what we enjoy. The one that matches our taste and personality. We wanted to bring that element of personalization to the world of alcohol in our city,” said Mayank Shroff.

For the first time in eastern India, a liquor store provides a walk-in shopping experience. The store will have more than 9000 bottles on display of the premium range where the customer can pick and choose his preferred brands.

The store has an Alcopedia corner where customers can know about the alcohol in details in terms of where it is made, what it is made of, along with tasting notes.

Heddone features top-notch brands that range from the finest collections of scotch, wines, white spirits and beers from all over the world.

“Hedonne will start a new trend for liqour shopping, the customer will like to personally go and buy your liqour. Our sommelier will be keen to spoil the customer with the vast variety of choices,” said Vikash Musaddi.

“With Hedonne we would like to cater to nuances and interests of alcohol lovers and provide them with a one stop solution for all their whims and needs,” pointed Anurag Murarka.

Hedonne is a Greek god of pleasure - and the environment in the store is super indulgent. The in-house sommelier team assists with wine tastings regularly. The concept of try before you buy is new to the city.

“With the increasing number of women buying liquor and the present infrastructure being grossly inadequate to meet this latent demand, Hedonne will be the ideal solution to fill this gap.

We have done an in depth ground study and have come to the conclusion that Kolkata – Our city of joy , which has many firsts to its name like the first metro, the first capital should have this first of its kind liquor store.  Let’s get the spirit flowing,” added Anant Shroff.

We have our own app for home delivery, which will be live by next week.

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