Little Italy enters QSR space with Piazza an exciting new superfast Pizza concept
Little Italy enters QSR space with Piazza an exciting new superfast Pizza concept

Little Italy Group, the pioneers of Italian Cuisine in India is spreading its wings with the introduction of 'Piazza', their newly launched Pizza brand. Piazza specializes in Roman-style pizza or the Pinsa Romana. After having over 60 restaurants across  30 cities and 4 countries, Little Italy now looks forward to launching its first fast food franchise with Piazza and revolutionizing the pizza industry.

This is a pizza style from Rome also called Pizza al Taglio or Teglia Romana, Roman pizza is known for its crispy and crunchy crust with a light airy interior, loaded with delicious toppings, a unique flour blend and fast service style. The Pinsas can be enjoyed by the slice or as a full Pinsa which has 4 slices; customers get the chance to try many different toppings within one Pinsa by ordering different slices too.

Piazza is soon going to introduce a Live Pinsa bar which has a subway-style assembly line that would allow customers to customize their own Pinsas by choosing from over 100 different toppings handcrafted by its pizzaiolos to be served to customers within 7 minutes.

“What makes the Pinsa special and a brand like Piazza different is, it’s unlike any other pizza that is available in India and it elevates the entire pizza experience for the consumer. At Piazza, we have developed a better and healthier product at an affordable price point which would be a value for money product and would appeal to everyone, with extensive offerings of vegetarian and vegan Pinsas alongside meaty non vegetarian options. We are certain we have a good variety that can satisfy all our customers,” said Mr Amrut Mehta, Director, Little Italy Group.

The Little Italy Group has always been at the forefront of innovating Italian cuisine, serving unparalleled Italian cuisine like pizzas, pastas and risottos at their outlets across the country since 1989. "We feel it’s fundamental for an Italian restaurant to have great pizza, also pizza is such an iconic dish, it is the most widely loved food around the world. As the popularity of pizza in India has grown it is now the most widely consumed Italian food in the country. The worldwide pizza industry is valued at over $200 Billion of which Asia pacific contributes only 15-20%, with 2/3rds of the world's population in the region there is surely a lot of untapped potential. We want to be at the forefront of the pizza revolution in Asia by introducing an exciting new pizza experience which brings a better, healthier and more affordable product to the QSR segment.”

Piazza brings to you the ’modern gourmet pizza’ inspired by centuries of perfected Italian recipes. What makes the Pinsa different from the others, is the dough which is made by using a special stone-milled flour blend that creates the unique characteristics of the Pinsa. It is double-proofed for over 48 hours, which gives it a light, airy and fluffy texture on the inside, with a satisfying crunchy texture on the outside. Each Pinsa is handcrafted by expert craftsmanship and the recipe focuses on creating a healthy and highly digestible product that can be enjoyed everyday guiltfree. The flour blend makes the Pinsa healthier than pizza with lesser calories!

On a mission to revolutionize the pizza industry with a better, tastier and healthier pizza, Piazza aims to spread awareness of a new and improved pizza style. At Piazza, they want to break the barriers of traditional Italian cuisine which limit pizza to classical shapes or toppings.

With a goal to open over 100 outlets in India and 20 international stores by 2024, Piazza is sure to make the consumers drool with their array of offerings. Currently, there are 8 Piazza outlets and 25 cloud kitchens in India and 2 outlets in Dubai, with plans to open in the UK too.

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