Meatigo announces their ready-to-cook meat range
Meatigo announces their ready-to-cook meat range

Meatigo – the online suppliers of fine meat have announced their launch of ready-to-cook meat range. Their new menu will now offer Japanese Momos, Spicy Baked Chicken Wings, Authentic Keema Paratha, Tempura Fried Prawns and also Smoked Pulled Pork – in addition to their already present selection of great meat.

The regular grocery store -meat simply did not meet the international standards that he was so used to – which is why Meatigo was founded. First in Gurgaon, then to Delhi and now Mumbai, Meatigo is slowly expanding its presence in India. And, as they grow, so does their menu.

Their ready-to-cook range has an oriental touch to it – with Japanese Momos and Tempura Fried Prawns. Once you get it, just steam or fry it (according to instructions enclosed) and you have a delicious feast fit for the Queen!

The freshness of the ingredients, namely the meat, directly impacts the quality of the dish prepared with it – which is why, Meatigo simply does not compromise when it comes to delivering quality meat. They have a tie-up with the prestigious Prasuma Meats – the top quality meat suppliers that deliver to high-end restaurants in town to ensure that they can deliver the best to their customers.

Made from the best meat, packed by the best procedure and supplied by one of the best meat suppliers in town, Meatigo is all set to become everyone’s favourite meat destination.

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