Mehra Wines Introduces World’s most Delicious Tequila ‘El Cristiano Tequila’ to India
Mehra Wines Introduces World’s most Delicious Tequila ‘El Cristiano Tequila’ to India

Mehra Wines Pvt. Ltd. is introducing El Cristiano Tequila to the premium Indian spirits market, expanding its portfolio. 

Being hailed as the World's Most Delicious Tequila, Mehra Wines promises to offer the finest tequila experience for enthusiasts, consumers, and sommeliers across Delhi, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, UP, Punjab, Himachal, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, and Bangalore. 

Derived from the Spanish word for Christian, "Cristiano" pays tribute to Mexico, the birthplace of this exceptional spirit. The year 1761 holds significance as it marks the founding of Arandas in Mexico, where the inaugural distillery for tequila was established. Notably, both a distillery and a church were constructed side by side, underscoring a deep connection to faith—the selection of the 'Cross' as the emblem symbolizes the brand's strong belief in God.

El Cristiano 1761 Tequila proudly holds itself as the World's most delicious tequila, a title earned through meticulous craftsmanship and relentless dedication to purity and quality. The process of making this ultra-premium tequila starts with the selection of the Blue Weber Agave fields in the Highlands of Jalisco (Los Altos de Jalisco). The Master Tequila maker harvests an Agave that is perfectly mature, with a minimum age of 6 years and a minimum size of 50 kg. This Agave is then shaved to a perfect 1" pineapple-shaped plant called the Piña. These are then transported to the distillery, where they are manually cut in half and then steamed for just the perfect time to release a juice that is fully formed and becomes the base for fermenting and distilling El Cristiano Silver Tequila. 

Mehra Wines brings this premium tequila experience to India with a prime focus on purity, passion, and purpose. 

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