Mumbai welcomes an all new Tasting Room 'The Liquor Store'
Mumbai welcomes an all new Tasting Room 'The Liquor Store'

Mumbai has got an all new liquor experience at The Liquor Store on Palm Beach Road, Belapur that is conceptualized for the discerning customer to set out on an exploration of superlative and rare spirit labels through digitally enhanced walk-throughs, interactive tours and intimate tastings.

Conceptualized by third-generation owners of liquor distribution company VK Group, entrepreneurial minds Dinesh, Jayesh and Pritesh Kathuria have transformed the concept of a liquor store into a swanky gallery that offers a bespoke presentation of its best and rare spirits through elevated browsing and tasting settings.

TLS joins the trend of tasting rooms in India and pushes the envelope to start an interactive conversation with customers and turning the mundane liquor store visit into a memorable outing.

The Liquor Store bespoke experience can begin at a customer’s house with a chauffeur-driven pick-up and end with a drop facility on special requests.

The digitally woke set up adapts AR to allow a bottle to converse directly with the customer, showcasing its information on a screen using a digitally QR coded table top.

For the geeks, there’s a handout map that turns the visit into a museum walk, hand holding the customer to display corners.

Done up in black marble and gold finish, the gallery exudes a contemporary art deco vibe. The décor has been executed by IDEAMATRIX, a leading multi-disciplinary design consultancy firm known for the best retail design in the country. Their excellence in visualization of space, objects, colors, feelings and user experience has given TLS a serene output that allows for a calm, uncluttered ambiance for customers to browse through the library of bottles.

The wine cellar has room for private wine tastings. Gourmet food pairings and curated flights are offered at the classic pub style bar - The Tavern. TLS is an invitation for alco-beverage enthusiasts from Mumbai, Thane and New Bombay as well as commuters between Mumbai and Pune to make their elevated pit-stop purchases.

The 10,000-feet store is spread across two storeys and four sections, the Superlative Catalog awaits customers on the upper level with a library of rare and handpicked labels. An adjacent doorway leads into a wine cellar that showcases a world list including wines from India, Australia and America, Argentina, Chile, Spain, Italy and France.

With 1,000 spirits, 1500 plus wines, 250 champagnes and over 100 beer options, The Liquor Store offers the largest collection of liquors under one roof in all of Maharashtra.

The Tavern

Tasting flights: All spirited flights take off from The Tavern. Tastings of World whiskies and niche trails Scotland distilleries served with gourmet cheese, chocolate and crackers. Wines of the World tastings find delicious company of cheese, fig jam, grapes, nuts, crackers and meats.

Food: The Tavern is designed to serve all-day experiences from breakfast options, lunch meals including Buddha bowls, Poached pear salads and Lemon mustard chicken salad, pizzas and Mexican Chimichangas. Sharing options include their special cheese boards, Dual tikkas (a half basil pesto and sun-dried pesto) and Blue cheese chicken tikka, Chermoula prawns and Katsu baos.

Drinks menu: Drinks menu at The Tavern begin with breakfast cocktails like Tavern After Party, a coconut and herbs concoction that is a great cure for hangovers and a power-packed drink to kick start your day. Matchoman is the bar chef’s recipe of a smokey Indian Whiskey flavored with herbs and Matcha tea. A healthy approach pours into a Brocotini, a vodka cocktail made using farm fresh veggies, flowers and finished with citrus flavors. The Tom Yum Goon Soup becomes Tom Yum Tun drink with a dash of premium gin.

The Liquor Store is also available as an Android and iOS App for on-the-go pick-ups and home deliveries.

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