Sector Gin Launches Hibiscus & Peach Infused Blend
Sector Gin Launches Hibiscus & Peach Infused Blend

Sector Gin introduces its fusion of Hibiscus and Peach in a crafted gin.

Every sip of gin unveils layers of complexity, with the hibiscus delivering a floral blending with the essence of ripened peaches.

"We sought to redefine the gin experience by infusing it with hibiscus's vibrant harmony and peaches' natural sweetness. This creation celebrates botanical craftsmanship, inviting discerning palates to savour a symphony of flavours in every glass. As our consumers embraced our infused gins at events, we realized the potential to reach a wider audience by diversifying our offerings. The Hibiscus & Peach Infusion is just the beginning. We are committed to exploring and introducing more captivating flavours to elevate the gin experience." said Bharat Bhagnani, Founder, Sector Gin. "

The bottle is a visual representation of skill and artistry. The label is decorated with botanical patterns and colours inspired by beauty of a blossoming garden.

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