Simpl Expands Zomato Integration with 1-Tap Checkout on Gold, Intercity Legends & Everyday
Simpl Expands Zomato Integration with 1-Tap Checkout on Gold, Intercity Legends & Everyday

Simpl, India's leading Checkout Network has unveiled an extended collaboration with Zomato.

This expansion integrates Simpl's 1-Tap Checkout feature with Zomato Gold, Intercity Legends, and Zomato Everyday, aiming to elevate convenience for numerous customers nationwide.

The initiative seeks to boost conversions, elevate average order value, and enhance user retention on the platform, among other benefits.

This expansion aligns with Zomato's overarching goal of providing enhanced food experiences conveniently to its customers.

By integrating Simpl's 1-Tap Checkout into Zomato, both companies anticipate the participation of millions of new and existing users, broadening the scope of services offered.

This development holds importance as Simpl has surpassed 100 million checkouts on Zomato within six years since 2017, indicating a robust consumer inclination towards streamlined checkout experiences.

The expansion will be fueled by the rising influx of customers from tier-3 cities and beyond transitioning to online platforms, alongside the escalating frequency of orders from customers in metropolitan and tier-1,2 cities.

This trend is further supported by an expanding customer base seeking convenience through Simpl's 1-Tap Checkout.

Both companies anticipate substantial growth in their clientele over the upcoming years as a result.

“Convenience is becoming a real differentiator in e-commerce today after selection and affordability, particularly with respect to food ordering and delivery, where customers transact more frequently than for any other category. This necessitates the need for a hassle free checkout solution which offers near zero transaction failures and a 1-Tap experience. These fundamentals have driven more than 100 million transactions on Zomato till date and we are excited to cater to a larger customer base with the Zomato Gold, Intercity Legends and Zomato Every day, helping further deepen our presence in this space”. said Nitya Sharma, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Simpl.

The remarkable checkout success rate of 99% achieved through Simpl's 1-Tap feature on Zomato underscores customers' growing preference for added convenience.

Over the past five years, Simpl's contribution to the platform's checkout process has witnessed substantial growth. Moreover, spending per user via 1-Tap checkout has surged by nearly 27 times since 2018.

Notably, on New Year's Eve 2024, the platform recorded its highest-ever single transaction amounting to Rs 18,807 facilitated through Simpl's 1-Tap Checkout on Zomato.

 “Our endeavour is to deliver exceptional and convenient customer experience at all times. Simpl has been our long standing partner and the integration across offerings has allowed us to extend 1-Tap access to our customers, making their interaction with the platform seamless and hassle free". said Rakesh Ranjan, Chief Executive Officer, Food Delivery, Zomato.

Simpl's 1-Tap Checkout, accessible through 26,000 merchants, provides a seamless checkout experience with minimal transaction errors, making it the choice for millions of consumers.

Presently, numerous prominent enterprises and emerging Direct-to-Customer (D2C) merchants in the food and hyperlocal delivery sectors extend Simpl's 1-Tap Checkout to millions of their customers nationwide.



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