Spaceman Spirits Lab Unveils Luxury Craft Rum Sitara
Spaceman Spirits Lab Unveils Luxury Craft Rum Sitara

Spaceman Spirits Lab Private Limited (SSLPL) is known for crafting the high-end Indian gin Samsara, revealed its venture into the craft rum market with the debut of Sitara.

Introducing 'The Maiden Voyage' as its inaugural collection within the Sitara Rum series, the company has introduced two exceptional rum variations, distilled along the tropical coastline of the Indian Peninsula.

The initial release is the Sitara Barrel Aged White Rum, a fusion of Indian rums that undergo a combination of column and pot distillation processes.

These rums are aged in Virgin American Oak barrels and subsequently charcoal filtered to attain a crystal-clear spirit.

The next offering is the Sitara Botanical Spiced Rum, also a fusion of column and pot distilled Indian rums. Yet, this version undergoes a slightly lengthier aging process and is infused with seven carefully selected botanicals, resulting in spiced rum showcasing a uniquely Indian character.

These botanicals encompass Cinnamon, Ginger, Orange, Hibiscus, Vanilla, Coffee, and Cacao Beans.

“After successfully establishing brand Samsara in the Craft Gin space, we are now excited to debut our premium hand-crafted rum Sitara. This offering, too, is a quintessence of our aspiration to exhibit home-grown products that are curated for the world. With this entry into the Craft Rum segment, we aim to become a leading player in the Indian Craft Spirits industry.” said Mr Aditya Aggarwal, Founder and Managing Director, Spaceman Spirits Lab Private Limited.

The Sitara Barrel Aged White Rum and Sitara Botanical Spiced Rum are initially introduced in Goa, known as India's beach hub. Subsequently, these releases will soon reach other significant markets across the country.

​“Post this launch, we also plan to add premium vodka and tequila offerings to our portfolio as well”, Mr Aggarwal added.

In the 2020-21 period, Spaceman Spirits Lab Private Limited (SSLPL) ventured into the craft spirits domain by introducing its high-quality gin, Samsara. Renowned for introducing India's inaugural 'Pink Gin' under the Samsara label, the company has rapidly become one of India's fastest-growing craft gin brands.

Presently, it has the country's most extensive gin collection and holds a prominent position in terms of domestic sales volumes within this sector.

Tilaknagar Industries Limited, a prominent producer of premium brandy in India, recently purchased a 10 percent share in Spaceman Spirits Lab Private Limited (SSLPL) for Rs 9.75 crore.

The Sitara Barrel White Aged Rum is priced at INR 1200 for a 750 ml bottle in Goa, while the Sitara Botanical Spiced Rum is offered at INR 1350 for the same bottle size in the region.


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