Bergner Innovates Kitchenware Space with Sustainable New Product Range
Bergner Innovates Kitchenware Space with Sustainable New Product Range

Globally renowned kitchenware brand Bergner took the ‘Healthy. Autonomous, and Hassle-free’ step with the launch of the state-of-the-art MasterPRO product range at The Nook, Mumbai. Five new models of the Air Fryer, each having distinct features and capacities, are going to throng the market from May 2023.

Bergner India CEO Aruni Mishra shared the brand vision while talking about the advancements kitchenware has had over the years. “Kitchenware became a commodity in the last 20 years. Before, people used a lot of exotic products and didn’t worry about a healthy, hassle free way of cooking. Now, they do. Use of aluminium and low-grade non-stick cookware has given way to branded, premium no-stick appliances, particularly after covid,” Mishra said. 

Sustainable and healthy living are the main goals of Bergner and the brand achieves the same through innovation. Unlike other Western brands where products are curated to meet global demands, MasterPRO stands for ‘international tech modified for Indian use’. 

Bergner Innovates Kitchenware Space with Sustainable New Product Range

Made for the Indian Kitchen

Making comebacks in the kitchenware space are safe material such as steel, kansa (bronze), and triply. Satiating another need of a time-poor, busy household is the age-agnostic operations of each of the appliances. Explaining the utilities in detail, Mishra said, “If a family has vegetarians and meat eaters, the dual air fryer allows one to cook two dishes at the same time. Your samosa will no longer smell like fries. Our smokeless grill does every task inside a kitchen such as grilling, baking, and air frying at the touch of a button.” 

Mishra cited the instance of pressure cooker and the country’s fixation with its numerous features. “Indians want their pressure cookers to be the most efficient appliance ever, since we cook fast. Our fry cook has all amenities in place to ape the behavior of a traditional pressure cooker. It has got an air frying option, dehydrating option, and built-in processes for certain delicacies such as idli. Unlike traditional pressure cookers where you had to wait for 5 whistles, you can press the button for the dish you want it to cook and engage elsewhere. A siren will tell you that the dish is ready,” he maintained. 

Michelin Star chef and Bergner India ambassador Vikas Khanna, and Aruni Mishra, CEO, Bergner India, demonstrated what they call the dawn of hassle-free Indian cooking with the dynamic Dual Air Fryer, Smokeless Grill, and Frycook. The duo was joined by celebrity influencer Roshni Chopra, who talked about the value addition the dynamic appliances bring to household spaces that don’t have the provision of an open-air grill.

Bergner Innovates Kitchenware Space with Sustainable New Product Range

Market Goals

In the last two years, Bergner has come a long way and are present in almost 700 modern doors and close to 3500 general trade doors and Mom and Pop stores, besides all online platforms. “We are further expanding to appliances, electronic stores, and also the luxury segments such as AJIO LUXE and Tata CLiQ Luxury. By the end of 2023, Bergner will be omnipresent,” Mishra stated.

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