Too Yumm! Gears up for Major Expansion
Too Yumm! Gears up for Major Expansion

Too Yumm!, the innovative snacking brand from Guiltfree Industries, part of the RP Sanjiv Goenka Group, is gearing up for significant expansion. With a strong presence in the South, the brand now aims to expand its product distribution across various channels, including direct distribution in traditional trade across 500 cities in India. Launched in 2016, Too Yumm! has collaborated with cricketer Virat Kohli as its brand ambassador.

Say No to Palm Oil

In an interview with, Yogesh Tewari, Vice President of Marketing at Guiltfree Industries Ltd, discussed the brand’s growth strategy and expansion plans. 

Regarding the brand’s positioning in the Indian market,Tewari stated, “Initially launched in 2016-2017, Too Yumm! promised healthy snacking, positioning itself as a healthier alternative within the fried snack category. The brand enlisted Virat Kohli as an ambassador to reinforce this positioning in consumers' minds. The brand has evolved since then, introducing more product variants in line with evolving consumer preferences.”

He continued, “However, the brand has refined its positioning to emphasize 'Tasty and Healthy Snacks.' This shift came from the realization that while a segment of consumers prioritizes health over taste, the majority prioritize taste when it comes to snacking, with healthiness being an added benefit.”

Tewari added, “Consequently, Too Yumm! now includes fried products in its portfolio, but they are produced using healthier rice bran oil instead of palm oil, resulting in lower saturated fat content compared to regular fried snacks.”

Launched in 2016, Too Yumm! has collaborated with cricketer Virat Kohli as its brand ambassador.

When asked if Indian consumers today understand the importance of healthy snacking habits, Tewari responded, “For a considerable portion of Indian consumers, taste remains the foremost consideration in snacking, with health considerations following as a secondary factor. While awareness regarding different ingredients and nutritional profiles is swiftly increasing, driven by social activism and educational initiatives by the government and other authorities, it remains relatively low among the general populace.”

Tewari further noted, “It is heartening to observe brands capitalizing on this trend by introducing healthier alternatives and actively promoting them. Although health consciousness is currently modest among the broader Indian consumer base, it is experiencing rapid growth.”

Elaborating further, he said, “There is a significant segment at the upper echelon that exhibits a high level of awareness and knowledge regarding not only healthier products and ingredients but also the underlying technologies involved. This health-conscious segment is already established and well-informed. Hence, while the majority still prioritize taste over health in snacking, the overall awareness and demand for healthier options are on an upward trajectory. This presents an opportunity for brands to effectively cater to both segments.”

Collaborating with Homegrown Characters

Recently, Too Yumm! announced its collaboration with Marvel to launch a new range of snacks featuring the iconic Marvel Super Heroes: Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Panther, across four products: Rings, XOXO, Kraze, and Puffs.

Talking about the licensing deal with Marvel, Tewari said, “The response to our licensing deal with Marvel has been overwhelmingly positive. The collaboration has generated excitement among fans of both Too Yumm! and Marvel, resulting in increased brand visibility and consumer engagement.”

He further mentioned, “While our focus has been on partnering with globally recognized franchises like Marvel to bring iconic characters to our products, we are open to exploring licensing deals with popular homegrown characters such as Chhota Bheem or Motu Patlu in the future. Such collaborations can help us connect with a wider audience and further expand our product offerings.”

Elaborating on the L&M strategy, Tewari explained, “Licensing and merchandising collaborations are an integral part of our strategy to offer unique and engaging experiences to our consumers, and we remain committed to exploring opportunities in this space to drive brand growth and enhance consumer satisfaction.”

Expanding the Horizon

Too Yumm! launched Bhoot Chips in the market and received an overwhelming response from consumers. Tewari said, “The rapid success of Bhoot Chips has been a pleasant surprise for our brand. In a remarkably short span of just 6 to 8 months since its launch, Bhoot Chips has swiftly ascended to become our top-selling variant across India.”

He further noted, “Closely following the popularity of Bhoot Chips is our classic American Sour Cream and Onion flavor, a beloved potato chip variant. These two potato chip offerings currently occupy the top two positions in our sales rankings nationwide.”

Elaborating on the expansion plans, Tewari said, “We are expanding our distribution across various channels, including direct distribution in traditional trade across 500 cities in India, quick commerce platforms catering to consumers making impulse purchases, as well as traditional e-commerce and modern trade channels.”

“While we still have a considerable journey ahead to achieve our distribution reach goals, we have experienced significant growth in distribution over the past four to five months, with an increase of almost 25 percent. We anticipate this positive momentum to persist in the coming quarters and years.”

Geographically, Too Yumm! demonstrates strength primarily in the South and East regions of India, with notable presence in states such as Karnataka, West Bengal, and Assam, which serve as key markets for the brand. With these cities at the core, the brand aims to further strengthen its distribution in all the metros like Delhi, Mumbai, and other tier 1 cities, as they host the majority of the brand's key demographic.

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