How Brillare is Illuminating the Beauty Industry with Ingredient Supremacy
How Brillare is Illuminating the Beauty Industry with Ingredient Supremacy

In the vast realm of personal care, where marketing stories often overshadow real solutions, Brillare emerges as a rare star. Founded by Jigar Patel, a passionate formulation scientist, Brillare aims to deliver high-performance hair and skin care products that truly live up to their claims. With a commitment to transparency and ingredient supremacy, this brand has been on an inspiring journey since its inception.

"Brillare means a rare sparkling star, and that has been our intention from the start—to bring meaningful differentiations in the hair and skin care market and not be just another brand," says Jigar Patel, the Founder and CEO of Brillare. "We faced challenges and failures in various aspects of the business, but our products have always been our driving force. We never compromised on our ingredients, ensuring that our customers always get the promised results."

Humble Origins

Jigar's passion for personal care products started during his college days when he took a keen interest in reading the ingredient labels of various products. After completing his master's, he recognized the need for a dedicated personal care brand that delivers real solutions rather than marketing hype. Inspired by this gap and the potential for growth in India's hair and skin care industry, he embarked on the journey to create Brillare.

"Our dream was to deliver industry-leading results and earn our share in this high-growth industry," shares Jigar. "I wanted to develop products that address hair and skin concerns with high-performance grade ingredients, providing real solutions without any side effects."

Options Galore

Brillare boasts an impressive product portfolio that includes unique and innovative offerings like Oil Shots, Powder Face Washes, and Probiotic-based Face Serums. Each category is carefully crafted to deliver significantly better results for consumers' hair and skin concerns. But what truly sets Brillare apart is its commitment to transparency.

"We are probably the only personal care brand that displays all the ingredients upfront, along with their exact percentages and sources, for each of our 100 percent natural products," says Jigar proudly. This transparency empowers consumers to make informed choices and builds trust in the brand's commitment to ingredient integrity.

Technological Innovations

Brillare doesn't shy away from technological advancements. The brand has developed a proprietary innovation to preserve its natural products without the use of harmful preservatives. "Preservatives do more harm than good on the skin, so we have developed an alternate natural preservation technique that ensures complete product protection without any chemical abuse," explains Jigar.

With a focus on continuous improvement and innovation, Brillare's research and development team is working on many exciting technology formats across hair and skin care rituals, set to be launched in the near future.

Founded by Jigar Patel, a passionate formulation scientist, Brillare aims to deliver high-performance hair and skin care products that truly live up to their claims.

Expanding into New Horizons

Brillare is not content with its current achievements and is set to expand into newer product categories. Jigar reveals, "We have a robust pipeline for this financial year, with plans to launch more than 25 SKUs in the next six months. Our upcoming range will include hair oil, facial kits, body washes, body lotions, skin peels, shampoos, and more—all truly 100 percent natural with complete ingredient disclosure."

For Brillare, delivering welfare to consumers' lives is the cornerstone of their mission. "We add highly potent ingredients at required levels, not just for name or decoration. This formulation approach allows us to deliver solutions and make a difference in consumers' lives," explains Jigar. By providing products that address specific concerns and deliver tangible results, Brillare aims to enhance the well-being of its customers.

Unveiling the Market Potential

The premium beauty and personal care industry is experiencing significant growth, with the personal grooming space projected to reach $32.7 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 8.1 percent. Brillare aims to tap into this potential and establish itself as a frontrunner in the industry.

In the skincare Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) segment, Brillare stands out from the competition with its 100 percent transparency and natural products, bringing radical transparency to personal care. "Consumers can now read all the ingredients disclosed upfront on our packaging, allowing them to make better, more informed choices for their hair and skincare needs," adds Patel.

While Brillare has established a strong presence across digital platforms, serving over 500,000 customers through its website and various marketplaces, the brand has further plans for expansion. "We are planning to expand our presence across multiple online and offline platforms, including exclusive brand outlets, modern trade, professional salons, and all major digital marketplaces. Brillare plans to be wherever curious and conscious consumers are found" says Jigar.

Impressive Year-on-Year Growth

Brillare's growth trajectory has been remarkable, with a rapid increase in headcount across business verticals. Jigar proudly shares, "We are planning to grow the company exponentially in the coming year, focusing on areas such as e-commerce, retail, and modern trade. Our goal is to become the fastest-growing D2C brand."

Brillare's retail and marketing strategy revolves around reaching out to conscious, aware, and logical consumers who care about what they apply to their hair and skin. Their new campaign, ‘Focus on Ingredients,’ aims to drive a behavioral change where consumers' decisions are driven by ingredients rather than pretty labels. This message will be communicated through exclusive brand outlets and modern trade channels.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, Brillare envisions becoming a globally recognized brand leading the problem-solution space. "In the next three years, Brillare will be known as the most truthful hair and skincare brand, delivering unparalleled results through ingredient supremacy," shares Jigar.

With a presence in more than six countries already, the brand aims to double and triple its reach in the coming years. Brillare's journey is a testament to its unwavering commitment to transparency, innovation, and customer satisfaction. As this rare sparkling star continues to illuminate the beauty industry, consumers can expect nothing short of exceptional products that deliver on their promises, enriching their lives one ingredient at a time.

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