How ELLE DÉCOR and Mont Blanc Ventures Aim to Capture the Growing Décor Market
How ELLE DÉCOR and Mont Blanc Ventures Aim to Capture the Growing Décor Market

ELLE DÉCOR a brand synonymous with premium interior decoration is well known globally for the plethora of products it offers to its customers. French conglomerate Lagardère Group owned ELLE DÉCOR along with Mont Blanc Ventures launched their first multi-brand home store ELLE DÉCOR Home Collection. 

Being a multi-premium fashion brands store, it offers numerous renowned international brands in the home category under one roof.  

“It is a new concept not just in India but across Asia. Although there are many home stores across the country none have all of these brands under one roof. Multiple choice of product categories from tableware, bed, bath, kitchen linen, glassware, candles, etc. which is a unique combination of all with international brands is available in our store,” said Satvinder Bedi, Founder, and CEO, Mont Blanc Ventures. 


Mont Blanc Ventures has thus curated this concept and with ELLE DÉCOR as its licensor and strategic partner has launched its first store on Golf course road Gurgaon. Mont Blanc Ventures aims to expand it across the country. 

Current Market Scenario

The Interior and decor industry is currently at the boom, more so post Covid. There is a higher number of individuals investing more in their homes and living. Moreover, the Indian upper middle class and elite class are well aware of all international brands and trends.

“The Indian consumers are well-traveled and updated with international offerings and brands, spending on premium and luxury brands, following designers while spending big on fashion, bags, shoes, watches, fragrances, cars, etc. The individuals want to carry their lifestyle and taste to their homes and we are becoming part of their luxury living journey,” added Bedi.

Growth and Market Strategy

With the increasing remodeling, new homes, and renovation influencing the market, there has been an increasing demand and the brand aims to supply the same. 

The brand aims to continue to bring the latest products and trending brands with stores in malls and markets across the country. Furthermore, it aims to invest in people and customer service as it aims to be the most luxurious place for home linen and tableware in the country. 


With its aim to open 10-12 stores in the next 4-5 years, ELLE DÉCOR will be opening 2 new stores this year. Moreover, the brand plans to stay in the North for 2023, and move towards Mumbai and other metro cities in 2024. 

Future Trends

The brand thus aims to enter all metro cities and Tier II cities, adding more brands and categories while launching new smaller formats as well. 

In 2023, ELLE DÉCOR and Mont Blanc Ventures expect a higher footfall, with the aim of adding more customers to their database. “We are looking at adding more customers to our database and launching new stores and formats. We aim to offer International products to our customers in their country and in their cities,” cited Bedi. 

Elle thus aims to be a prominent name in the multi-brand home and home line and tableware market, introducing and setting new trends.

"We will be available in most of the metro cities and Tier II cities, having a Rs 250 crore+ annual turnover creating hundreds of jobs,” concluded Satvinder Bedi.

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