How Inbase is Enhancing Mobile Experience for its Users
How Inbase is Enhancing Mobile Experience for its Users

Inbase specializes in smart wearables while enhancing user experience with technology and offering products that match the needs of a diversified user base. It was launched with the purpose of enhancing the mobile experience, by means of accessories while helping customers upgrade the life of their products and staying in vogue at the same time.

Since its inception in 2003, the brand has witnessed considerable growth in terms of customer base and product demand. The brand asserted that its acceptance is getting better each day, owing to the efforts of the team and the support of its channel partners, dealers, distributors, and its customers.

“Today, we are associated with more than 15,000 retail outlets with over 5 million customers. Moreover, our products have achieved many awards and have been recognized by various reputed media outlets,” said Aashish Kumbhat, Co-Founder and Director, Inbase.

Kumbhat further added that it was the lack of innovation in the industry that made him pursue and develop Inbase. “I realized there existed a dearth of brands that offer quality products, the lack of innovation in the industry, and my passion towards the quality and innovative products pushed us to develop our brand,” he added.

With its key focus being on product identification, product quality, marketing strategy, product designs, product packaging, innovative sales strategies, etc. the brand has been providing premium products to its customer base.

“InbaseTech is a brand where innovation lies as the base of our company’s core principles and translates seamlessly into every one of our product, thus our name,” added Kumbhat.

How Inbase is Enhancing Mobile Experience for its Users

Options Galore

Aiming to be a one-stop shop for all mobile accessories, the brand offers mobile cases and covers, smart wearables, wireless speakers, fast chargers, headphones, earphones, car accessories, lifestyle accessories, laptop accessories, tablet accessories, and much more.

“We have everything under one roof. Our URBAN range of Smartwatches is very popular among consumers and we look forward to being India's leading brand in the Smart Wearable segment,” said Aashish Kumbhat.

The brand recently expanded its wearable segment with Urban Pro X (Bluetooth calling) and FIT M (Non-calling) smartwatches and Buds Mini Lite with up to 40 hours of playtime earbuds.

Moreover, the brand intends to expand its product portfolio across all categories with numerous high-end products with more advanced technology, superior quality, and cutting-edge style.

“Going ahead, we are looking forward to expanding into home automation, safety, and security categories where exists a scope of technological advancement and implementation,” asserted Kumbhat.

Why Inbase?

According to the brand, it produces the finest range of products that offer a host of other features while keeping the sanctity of communication and network.

Furthermore, the brand does not compromise on the quality of its products and tries to provide its customer base with the best support.

“Our new product launches are always ahead of the industry in terms of technology, innovation, and ease of use,” added Kumbhat.

How Inbase is Enhancing Mobile Experience for its Users

Technological Advancements

The Indian market is growing at a phenomenal speed, as is the demand for products owing to the adoption of new technology. Inbase too tries to implement the best in class technology in its products to keep them updated.

The brand’s latest launch, Urban Fit S is supposedly one of the most advanced Smartwatches available in the market today as it comes with an always-on 1.78 inch AMOLED display, in-built memory with more than 120 active sports modes. The smartwatch also offers a power-efficient Realtek chip with a lithium-ion battery, dual pairing feature, in-built HD speakers, calling function, premium health suit, and much more.

“We will be expanding our smartwatch segment and launching numerous high-end products with performance enhancements and more seamless experience between smartwatches and smartphones,” said Kumbhat.

In the audio segment, the brand is working on products that will have better playtime, fast charging technology along with personalized listening experience with dedicated controls to adjust the sounds via mobile application.

Retail and Marketing Strategy

Owing to its regular market analysis, Inbase comes up with unique promotional strategies and offers, to run across major LFRs (Large Format Retails) and e-commerce platforms providing its customers with the best deals.

With the growing digital space today every mobile user is digitally connected to the ecosystem, which makes D2C one of the most appropriate channels for any brand.

“D2C helps brands to communicate faster with the consumers, immediately knowing their interests, likes, dislikes, and expectations while providing better user experience,” asserted Aashish.

For the purpose of enhanced and seamless customer experience, Inbase is exploring omnichannel avenues, moreover, the brand will be launching its own dedicated app where consumers will have more membership privileges and royalty coins for each purchase.

How Inbase is Enhancing Mobile Experience for its Users

Growth and Inventory Management

As a bootstrapped brand, Inbase has witnessed impeccable year-on-year growth along with growing revenue and overall profit.

Having a robust inventory control system allows the brand to have fewer returns in comparison to the industry.

“We have a strong system for quality checking each and every product, once the product passes all the quality parameters, only then it becomes eligible for the marketplace,” asserted Kumbhat.

Furthermore, the brand aims to capture one of the prime spots in the industry.

Future Plans

Along with its pan-India presence, Inbase has wide recognition and demand in the Caribbean and certain parts of America and the UAE. The brand thus aims to strengthen its presence in other countries.

In the next 5 years, the brand aims to become one of the most desired and trusted brands in the Industry.

“Our products will be exported globally and sold all across India. We will have our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility where everything from product designing to research and development, innovation, and production everything will be in-house,” commented Aashish Kumbhat.

Inbase further aims to have multiple international collaborations to provide a better user experience to its consumers.

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