How Nestasia is Becoming India's Fastest-Growing Artisanal Décor Brands
How Nestasia is Becoming India's Fastest-Growing Artisanal Décor Brands

One of India’s fastest-growing artisanal home décor brands, Nestasia is the brainchild of entrepreneur couple Aditi Murarka and Anurag Agrawal. With their passion for home interiors and setting them up together, the brand personifies décor influences from across Southeast Asian countries.

Incepted in 2019, Nestasia has over 8500+ products in eight key product categories, along with new launches every fortnight, the brand seamlessly combines the traditions, craftsmanship, and culture of these nations with modern sensibilities and locally sourced, natural materials. From soft furnishings to organization essentials, dinner and glass-wear, stationery, bath, and garden necessities, the brand offers a product catalog that resonates with all kinds of design aesthetics.


Having set up 3 homes from scratch in a span of 2 years, the founders aimed to build a destination for all things home. “We wanted to help people make their homes special by bringing together unique, modern contemporary designs, a large variety to choose from, premium quality, and great value through our home and lifestyle products. We have been working to offer a preferred destination for home decor products that cater to different styles and preferences,” said Aditi Murarka, Co-Founder, Nestasia.

According to the Co-Founder, the main idea behind Nestasia is to provide a platform where customers can express their individual styles and vision for their homes, believing that every home is a reflection of the people who live in it. The brand is thus committed to helping its customers find those special elements for their homes to create a space that they truly love.

How Nestasia is Becoming India's Fastest-Growing Artisanal Décor Brands

Options Galore

Currently present in seven categories, including Dining, Kitchen, Decor, Bags and Accessories, Bath, Soft Furnishing, and Stationery. Over time Nestasia has tried to create multiple unique collections based on a variety of materials, patterns, colors, and aesthetics.

“Each of our categories has several subcategories that offer a range of trending products for modern homes. We have new launches every week so there is something new and exciting to explore and get inspired. We want to propagate the idea of living in a beautiful space filled with love,” said Murarka.

The brand is constantly exploring new categories and product lines within the home and lifestyle space to offer to its shoppers so they can find everything they are looking for in one place. 

“Soft furnishings is an area that we have been working on for the last few months. Bed linen, bags, and accessories are a few sub-categories that we look to expand into in the coming weeks. At Nestasia, our focus is always on creating unique and high-quality products where every purchase is a beautiful upgrade,” stated Aditi.

Retail and Marketing Strategy

Having witnessed a shift with more individuals spending more time at home, the demand for home decor and home goods has seen a significant uptick. 

With this increased demand, the need for a reliable and accessible source for quality, design-led home decor products has become more important and Thus, Nestasia has aimed to bridge that gap. 

“Our strategy has been to create a seamless omnichannel experience for our customers through engaging content, unique designs, and relevant products. We have put in effort into building an organic online presence, which has been essential for our growth. Since we wanted to serve as an on-trend destination for quality products that makes home and all the moments spent at home special,” asserted Aditi.

Nestasia is a D2C label where it designs and manufactures the products it then sells. 

“This gives us control over the product design and quality to maximize value to our consumers, they are at the center of everything we do, hence having the ability to cater to them in the best way possible, bringing them the most trending designs from around the globe and doing so at the best quality and price was important, hence, we chose D2C,” she added.

Going Omnichannel

The brand is all set to expand its offline presence with its first store in Kolkata and aims to further expand its store presence on a pan-India level. 

“Our omnichannel strategy is essentially to go from region to region and cater to markets by leveraging our online channels, social media platforms, and engaging content to drive traffic to our stores. We are focused on creating a seamless experience for our customers, whether they shop online or in-store,” added Murarka.

For the year 2023-24, the brand’s focus is to expand its store footprint, develop its app to better serve customers, and continue its growth trajectory for the year. 

With its app launch coming up in March, the brand aims to offer a more personalized and engaging shopping experience while considering customer preferences and behaviors. 

How Nestasia is Becoming India's Fastest-Growing Artisanal Décor Brands

Growth and Sales

While the brand has doubled its revenue, it has tripled its consumer base since its inception. Moreover, the brand aims to touch many more approximately 2 million+ households in the next 5 years through its offerings.

Nestasia raised $4 million in funding in December 2021, and has deployed these funds in brand building and awareness, tech upgrades on its website and building the app, sales channel expansion, team hiring, and capacity expansion.

On the product side, the brand launched its production facility which is a mix of new-age smart machinery as well as skilled artisans which has further resulted in a more efficient and sustainable manufacturing process. 
This has allowed the brand to produce high-quality products, ensure timely delivery, and meet the growing demands of our customers. 

“We have also utilized funds in building our team at Nestasia to include people who are passionate about our brand and committed to delivering the best possible experience to our customers,” added Aditi.

Future Plans

With its first EBO launch in April 2023, Nestasia aims to make its products more accessible to customers offline.

“The ability to touch and feel the products are incomparable and having a retail presence is the best way to strengthen brand legitimacy. With our first store coming up in Kolkata we plan to grow our offline presence further and have stores across the country,” asserted the Co-Founder.

Moreover, the brand has already taken a step to enter the international market through select marketplaces and has plans to expand to other marketplaces across the globe.

Five years from now, the founder duo sees Nestasia in 2 million+ households. It aims to continue to expand its product lines, retail footprint, and digital channels while staying true to its core values of quality, design, variety, and value. 

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