How Nutrabay is Becoming a Home to Largest Set of Homegrown Nutrition Brands
How Nutrabay is Becoming a Home to Largest Set of Homegrown Nutrition Brands

There is a presence of counterfeit and low-quality products in the Indian market due to a large number of unauthorized retailers selling spurious products. Keeping this in mind, Nutrabay was launched to provide quality and authentic products in sports nutrition and functional foods by direct brand tie-ups and direct fulfillment. was launched as a multi-brand store, functioning on the D2C model with the objective of providing 100 percent authentic nutrition-rich products. The platform came as a boon for those struggling to get original products in a market flooded by duplicate health supplements. 

To give consumers the best possible nutrients they can include in their daily diet, Nutrabay has partnered with 70+ brands, offering Protein Powders, Women’s Health Supplements, Weight Loss Herbs, Amions, Wellness Supplements, and Nutrition Foods and ensuring quick and efficient delivery of these products to consumers’ doorsteps. 

“We are a D2C brand and retail via other e-commerce websites and aim to educate consumers about the importance of fitness and nutrition with our product offerings,” asserted Shreyans Jain, Co-founder, Nutrabay.

“We are generating 100 percent business from our online sales, where 90 percent of revenue comes from our own website and the remaining 10 percent from various marketplaces. Also, very frugal and efficient marketing spends - less than 4 percent of revenue in advertising - growth is mainly driven by virtue of a great product, market fit, and consumer trust,” he further added.

The brand’s current focus has largely been on digital as it continues to grow there, however, this year they are planning to start to sell the products offline with a direct to retail model. They intend to start opening up their own brand stores and sampling kiosks in 2024 to be an omnichannel brand. 

Innovations: The Reason For Success

The biggest innovation that the company has introduced is in terms of the technology ecosystem that it has built.

“Most of the operational processes in the company are highly systematic, automated, and fueled by tech. Also, we are currently building Nutrabay 2.0 where we are launching an entirely new e-commerce platform built right from scratch by our in-house team. This will enable us with a whole new world of possibilities for business growth, automation, and a very modern user interface for the consumers that they would love,” he asserted. 

Expansion Plans 

At present, Nutrabay offers over 100 SKUs and 5 sub-brands with a PAN India presence including Protein Powders, Women’s Health Supplements, Weight Loss Herbs, Amions, Wellness supplements, and Nutrition Foods. 

“Now, we are planning to expand to new categories beyond supplements, tailored to existing audiences like health food and drinks to drastically increase the available total addressable market,” he stated. 

“To align with our goals with this we have recently launched Nutrabay Wellness Apple Cider Vinegar. We have also launched Nutrabay Gold Vital Whey Protein. The idea behind this is to cater to the nutritional needs of beginner gym goers who are looking to maximize weight and muscle gain goals at a really affordable price point,” he further added.

Nutrabay started as a bootstrapped business in January 2017, and since then it has been a profitable D2C startup.

“We are planning to launch multiple new brands and build a house of brands soon. Recently, we have launched Nutrabay Magazine, with the objective to deliver daily content related to trending topics on health and nutrition. It has already gained 3.5 lakh, monthly active users, on the 1st month of launch and we are projecting it to reach more than 1M MAUs by the end of the financial year,” he concluded.

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