How Nutrilitius is Planning to Become a Leader in Nutraceutical Segment
How Nutrilitius is Planning to Become a Leader in Nutraceutical Segment

India’s nutraceutical market is anticipated to grow to $18 billion by 2025. The demand among the health-conscious urban population of India for nutraceutical products has contributed to the growth of the industry in India. Moreover, nutraceutical manufacturers and marketers are leaving no stone unturned to find ways to make the consumer aware of the product, and its role in preventative healthcare. The increasing popularity of preventive healthcare after the pandemic has accelerated the growth of the nutraceutical industry in India. The significant shift in consumer behavior and demand for immunity-boosting supplements in the form of vitamin capsules, chewable tablets, and gummies are testimony to nutraceuticals’ future potential in the country.

Seeing the huge potential this market holds, healthy food and supplement D2C brand Nutrilitius recently forayed into nutraceuticals. Nutrilitius started in 2021 as a D2C brand that offers nuts and dry fruits in India but made its entry into nutraceuticals last year.

“Over the years, I have witnessed my friends, family, and colleagues facing many lifestyle problems, and not finding a place to find help for their issues is what inspired me to create a platform like Nutrilitius. Today, we are working to build a healthier nation with our products,” said Abhilash Reddy D, Co-Founder and MD, Nutrilitius.

“We also envision developing innovative products for the health-conscious population of India. As expected, we were able to tap into and assist people in getting a solution to their lifestyle problems which can be tackled with proper supplements. We have successfully reached more than 12k customers within six months of launching our nutraceuticals,” he added.

Building Market Presence

The brand started off with its D2C website. The D2C model allows one to have a closer relationship with the customers by eliminating intermediaries such as wholesalers and retailers. “Businesses can potentially increase their profit margins and have more control over pricing through this model. With the D2C approach, we can also develop word-of-mouth marketing among consumers, which is vital for the growth of a brand,” explained Reddy.

Apart from this, Nutrilitius is now available on various e-commerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon, and Jio Affiliate. Besides, it has a presence in dry fruits and nuts stores in Pune, with having three of its own stores in the city.

“We are in talks with gyms and offline stores in Maharashtra to increase our brand presence. We will soon launch our Nutrilitius app on both Android and iOS,” he stated.

“Presently our focus is targeting the health-conscious population of Tier I and II cities. In the next six months, we plan to expand across India,” he further asserted.

How Nutrilitius is Planning to Become a Leader in Nutraceutical Segment

Varied Products

Currently, the brand provides health-conscious customers with an array of products ranging from dry fruits and nuts to wellness and neutraceutical products such as health supplements, capsules, and vitamin gummies. It is currently offering 48 SKUs, which was 10 in December when it entered the nutraceuticals category.

“We now aim to scale further by adding new products, such as gummies, mouth sprays, and effervescent tablets, to cater to the growing needs of customers,” noted Reddy.

“Our target group includes people in the age group of 26 to 55. We also target consumers who want to solve their lifestyle-related problems,” he added.

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Future Plans

Nutrilitius garnered revenue of Rs 4.5 crore in FY22 and aims to touch at least an ARR of Rs 20 crore next year.

The brand is adopting the latest technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the customer experience. It wants to ensure its customers are offered the best service, including delivering the product to the consumer's doorstep.

In addition to this, Nutrilitius plans to raise funds this year. “We are profitable at a gross level, and we are on the way to scaling a little further up before going for funding,” explained Reddy.

He further said that the brand’s major focus is to bring customers to its website through various online mediums like Facebook, Google, Affiliates, SEO, and content marketing and gain traction.

“Becoming a one-stop solution for all lifestyle-related problems with the best formulations and solutions itself will be a game changer considering the market size. On top of it, we are working on increasing the credibility and availability of our products through strategic partnerships,” he concluded.

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