How Type Beauty Inc is Revolutionizing the Indian Beauty Industry
How Type Beauty Inc is Revolutionizing the Indian Beauty Industry

Type Beauty Inc is a beauty and cosmetic brand which is the brain-child of Ananya Kapur, a chemistry graduate with an additional major in business from Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania. Her entrepreneurial journey began straight out of college, and combining her educational background with her love for cosmetics landed her in this industry.

Ananya through her home-grown brand offers a range of 24 foundations, bringing in inclusivity and offering its customer base what they desire.  

“My personal dissatisfaction with not getting the desired results with makeup, when it came to my skin type, led me to bring about a change. Moreover, some of the biggest makeup brands completely evaded tests by skin experts. These facts and my experience made me want to customize solutions for each skin type,” stated Ananya Kapur, Founder Of Type Beauty Inc.

Ideation and Customer Response

The brand’s vision is to always keep the customers’ requirements in mind and build products that would help heal the skin, rather than deplete it. Type Beauty’s initial idea was to come up with a makeup line that would not only help one conceal or enhance their features but also make them feel better in their own skin. Moreover, the journey has continued along the same lines and goals.

Thus, Type Beauty offers semi-customized makeup that also functions as skincare and hence claims to be a skin-care-first makeup brand, a one-of-its-kind in the beauty market. The founder added that the overall experience while building the brand from scratch has been about learning, growth, development, and innovation.

“Knowing that the customers have loved using Type Beauty’s products, elevates the experience of being an entrepreneur for me. We have got a great response since we launched, and a lot of people have really bought into the idea and appreciated the concept,” added Kapur.

The brand has received positive product feedback along with an equally positive customer response.

How Type Beauty Inc is Revolutionizing the Indian Beauty Industry

Options Galore

The brand offers a diverse product portfolio, consisting of lipsticks, eye shadows, concealers, foundation, lip lusters, primers, and more. What differentiates Type Beauty from others is that it always launches its products in batches of three or four. “If we launch a concealer, it is not just a single piece but three varieties to suit different skin concerns. Each product is formulated with ingredients that will heal that particular skin type. Even our lipsticks and other such products remain segregated based on those concerns,” stated Kapur.

The brand further offers eyeshadows with powerful ingredients that help rebuild one’s skin and correct hyperpigmentation. For Type Beauty, concealers are spot correctors or eye creams because they focus on the targeted area and work well to explain its concept.

Talking about the introduction of newer categories Ananya added, “We have plans for expanding and there are a lot of really exciting things that are in the pipeline. We have got amazing product launches coming for our customers so they can get their full look with type.”

How Type Beauty Inc is Revolutionizing the Indian Beauty Industry

Current Market and Growth Potential

The Indian beauty industry has been one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. The industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.7 percent over the next five years, according to Euromonitor International. This growth has been driven by increasing consumer spending power, rising disposable income levels, and growing awareness about skin care products.

Moreover, the cosmetics industry in India is expected to show strong signs of expansion during the next five years. The market size is expected to reach $1 billion by 2024.

Talking about the brand’s current position in the market Kapur stated, “Our brand is positioned towards the premium end. This is due to the fact that quality comes first for us. As a premium brand, we are semi-customizing the products as per the customers’ requirements and our business model sets us apart from the rest.”

Moreover, Type Beauty focuses on giving customers products that would help heal their skin and make them feel more confident. Its branding makes it stand out in the crowd. With every product undergoing thorough consumer and dermatologist testing, it is the brand’s holistic vision that sets it apart.

How Type Beauty Inc is Revolutionizing the Indian Beauty Industry

D2C and Growth

With D2C becoming a rage with taking over the Indian Landscape, Kapur too stated how D2C was a strategic choice for the brand.

“It was much easier to launch our website and get to the public faster. Our main goal is not just to sell but also to educate people on what they are using on their skin. We are trying to now partner with multiple channels to try and get the word out even more. It is my firm belief that the brand should be talking to the customers directly which is the main purpose of a D2C route,” added Kapur.

According to the founder, the way one thinks and what products are meant to do should be understood well by the users. D2C thus becomes crucial for new cutting-edge brands and the brand’s messages are clearly delivered to whoever shops from its website owing to D2C.

How Type Beauty Inc is Revolutionizing the Indian Beauty Industry

Future Plans

Since its launch, Type Beauty has witnessed steady month-on-month growth, the customer response being nothing less than flattering and positive. The brand aims to witness exponential growth with a larger number of individuals adopting its way of life.

“We want more consumers to get involved in this journey so that we can create skin-care-infused makeup specific to each person's requirements. It is important for us to understand what the consumers are looking for and we, therefore, keep an eye out for the feedback. The goal in the coming years is to make the products accessible for all and partner with multiple channels along with an international presence,” concluded Ananya Kapur.

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