Marketing goes local
Marketing goes local

Delight Circle is a unique application which will converge retailers and the targeted customers. In an interaction with Gunjan Piplani, Amit Baid, founder and CEO, Delight Circle shared the features of the new application developed and also spoke about the way forward for this.

Gunjan Piplani: What is the main thesis behind this model?
Amit Baid: Location based targeted marketing. From the retailer’s perspective, they are spending around five per cent of their budget on marketing and with this we can reduce their marketing budget by 70 per cent and will eventually boost their margin which is usually two to three per cent.
GP: What is that you are doing from the consumer’s point of view?
AB: From the consumer ‘s point of view, we are providing them a platform where they can find the latest offers and loyalty cards from over 100 retailers. To increase the reach we will soon use the SMS platform where we can cater the masses.
GP: What all platforms will this be available on?
AB: At present it is on Android, Blackberry and very soon it will be on iPhone as well. In the next three months we will have it on Windows and Symbian. The idea is that by the end of this year our target consumer base should be around 250 million.
GP: What is your user count till date?
AB: We are just three weeks old so we have around 2500 users on android, 600 blackberry and 8000 on the website. So a total of 11,000 customers we have made in just three weeks.
GP: How many retailers are associated with you now?
AB: We have reliance digital with which we have an association. If you go to any R4eliance digital in Pune or Bangalore, you will find our standies. We have also associated with 35 other national chains.
GP: How much investment have you raised for this?
AB: Till now we have raised just over 100 million dollars and we have used about 30 per cent of that. We do not need a lot of capital as our business is not capital intensive. We do not need to build warehouses and logistics. We are primarily a technology based solutions company which will help the retailers minimise their costs on marketing.
GP: Tell me about any of the exclusive feature of this application?
AB: There is a feature called “walkin’ and earn twenty points” at Louis Philippe page where each time you walk in into a Louis philippe store you earn twenty points. The way we identify that the customer is in the store is not via GPS but we will install a device in the store or we send a signal to the phone and that signal we decode the signal, once we decode the signal, we know you are in the store. With this information the retailer can have a real time communication with the customer. They can send you a special offer to the customer and eventually increase the customer loyalty.
GP: What are you revenue targets?
AB: Currently we are not targeting revenues but we are focusing on to build a strong consumer and retailer base. Most of the online portals are focusing on the number of users and not on the revenue. That is how facebook worked. If you look at the market size then we fall into two categories. First is advertising market and second is loyalty management market. Loyalty management market is close to 300 million and advertising market (location based) is 400 million dollars.
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