How Club Factory is planning to expand in India?
How Club Factory is planning to expand in India?

 Kindly shed light on Club Factory’s India journey so far? What are the key milestones that the brand has achieved in India?

Club Factory started the India operations in 2016. Within two years of its operations here, India has become the leading market for Club Factory accounting for nearly 40 million users out of its 70 million users globally. So far, our journey in India has very been positive. We are happy to see growth in terms of increased number of users finding out about us and shopping from our platform. Thanks to the positive word-of-mouth, today Club Factory is one of the most popular shopping apps on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. According to App Annie, Club Factory is ranked amongst the top e-commerce platforms in India and was also the highest downloaded app in the shopping category in the month of  July this year.

As a testimony to our organic growth, we have seen over 30,000 User Generated Content (UGC) videos on YouTube showing users doing unboxing and shopping experience videos. Club Factory boasts of a great selection of modern, trendy and unique products ranging from apparels, shoes, jewelry, home décor, handbags, beauty products to gadgets.

Indian fashion and lifestyle market has become extremely competitive with many big names such as H&M, Zara, Myntra among others, in this scenario, what would be Clubfactory’s strategy to increase the market share?

We don't want to comment on the other industry players as our USPs are very different. Together we all serve customers’ need in a different scenario.  Club Factory is known for offering unique, modern and stylish products and accessories at the most affordable prices. We will continue to address the users’ needs and demands of offerings quality fashion & style products with abundant selections at the most affordable price.

Since the company operates from out of India. How do you ensure hassle-free order fulfillment in terms of the supply chain for on-time delivery? Also, tell us averagely how many orders Club Factory is getting from Indian market on daily basis?

In order to meet the demand for quick product delivery, we have partnered with some local top-tier logistics players for fulfillment and last mile logistics space and to provide faster delivery in India. We now cater to 26,000 + pin codes locally. We have drastically reduced delivery time to under 12 days, on an average. We also offer customers easy return/refund policy. Customers can either ship the returned goods to the warehouses or can use reverse pick-up service to send the product back. Refund is processed at its earliest and we are continuously working with payment gateways to shorten the time.

Kindly shed light on your best selling categories and price points in India? What are the plans to add more categories?

In terms of most popular categories - Apparel, accessories, jewelry and household products are the top sold categories in India for us. We don't have particular plans to add more categories in the near future, but we will continue to expand the existing categories to meet the increased demands of users.

What is your strategy on discounting for India market?

Our ‘affordable pricing’ is the key differentiator for us here. The company uses its proprietary, big data and AI technology to manage the supply chain effectively, recommend relevant products to the users and compare prices from multiple manufacturers in real-time to present the customer with the lowest price for a product.

What would your strategy to compete with players such as JollyChic, Shein amongst others?

As I said, we don't really consider others as our key competitors as our offerings are very distinct. India remains to be the most important markets for Club Factory as we continue to grow our operations here. The core value for Club Factory is customer-centric and is dedicated to localization strategy to better understand customer needs and improve customer experience.

At last, kindly highlight your growth plans for the Indian market? What are the opportunities that the brand is looking to tap in India?

Club Factory online shopping is committed to the India market and is ranked amongst the top e-commerce platforms here. We have set sights on giving young Indian consumers easy access to affordable glamour at unbeatable factory prices. We provide users with personalized feed & recommendations that help improve their buying experience. Our focus now is to enhance supply chain infrastructure, operations and customer service by providing regular call and chat support to our customers. We work with local customer service agents who help us to understand the customers and respond to their queries. These tailor tailor-made initiatives help us serve & meet the customer needs in India.




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