How Cornitos is Disrupting the Healthy Snacking Market
How Cornitos is Disrupting the Healthy Snacking Market

Post pandemic, snacking industry has boomed but people are now being more health-conscious. They have shifted from proper meals to healthy snacking in short intervals. The young generation is keener to adopt such eating habits and healthy snacks are all they crave for.

This led Cornitos to launch Crusties, baked snacks to promote healthy snacking this year. Crusties are gluten and cholesterol-free, supporting the value of guilt-free snacking.

“Following a healthy diet is important but it is not necessary to avoid craving something delicious and flavorful. So our products cater to all the fitness freaks present out there. We also have the immunity booster super seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds. Cornitos Pop and Crunch – Nuts and Seeds range too focus on an active lifestyle,” Vikram Agarwal, Managing Director, Greendot Health Foods Pvt Ltd said.

Brand Portfolio

Cornitos is the largest brand in the nachos crisps category in India. Cornitos brand portfolio includes nachos crisps, tortilla wraps, taco shells, chunky salsa dips, cheesy dips, roasted premium nuts - cashews and almonds, long peanuts, pumpkin seeds, natural sunflower seeds, super seeds, party nut mix, corn nuts, coated green peas and pickles - jalapeno peppers and gherkins.

The brand has recently launched Crusties, the baked snack which flavors from favorite chaat with Chana Crusties Dilli Chaat to the late-night cravings of tacky Italian flavors in Potato Crusties Italian Cheese. Cornitos Crusties is made from nutritious ingredients like beans and chickpeas.


“We curated combo packs for our consumers as it was in huge demand and consumers bend towards the value of money. We have also launched Nachos Bridge packs in 75g to further attract the consumers,” Agarwal explained.

Strategy for D2C Website Launch

Covid-19 has created many disruptions in all sectors. When the pandemic hit, Cornitos saw a dip in the sales of Nachos as supply was hampered due to the lockdown. Consumers preferred to stay home and buy what they need through digital platforms only. This led the brand to launch its e-commerce website in 2020 for the convenience of consumers.

Due to the online channels, the brand’s sales came back to the anticipated levels. The Internet has already taken a boom and helps its consumers to choose among a variety of products online with ease. Cornitos' full ranges of products are available online and on its D2C channel.

“Around 10-15 percent of the total sales we garner is from e-commerce platforms,” Agarwal stated.

Apart from e-commerce platforms, the range of its products is available in offline retail stores and modern supermarket trade stores. The products are also available in cafes, airlines, multiplexes, and cinemas, and distributed through HORECA as well.

Potential in Tier II and III Markets

Cornitos launched economical packs for greater penetration within Tier II and III cities. It is focusing to increase its consumer base through its healthy and economical product range and these cities will play a significant role in the growth of the brand in the upcoming years.

“We as a brand are always keen to know what the consumers are looking for and aim to provide them with the best. Tier II and III cities will typically have more first-time buyers of products. We are excepting to reach smaller towns and cities through online channels as well,” he noted.


Investment Plans for Indian Market

Cornitos’ future vision is to bring innovative products that are agro-based, aiming at healthy snacking and providing value for money to consumers.

The brand has a media plan in place and marketing spending is going to increase during the festive season. It will utilize social media, print ads, in-store branding, and festive exhibitions to reach its consumers. Its marketing campaigns will also target to expand to newer markets and focus on maximizing the brand presence thus creating more sales.

“We achieved a turnover of Rs 100 crore last fiscal and this year, we should be able to achieve 25-30 percent growth over last year,” Agarwal asserted.

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Expansion in International Waters

Cornitos exports to over 30 nations globally. Some of the nations to which the products are exported are Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

The main export product is Nacho Crisps.

“We also aspire to reach out to consumers in the USA, Russia, and more countries in South East Asia,” he concluded.

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