Palasa Expands Product Portfolio with ‘The KAI Collective’ this Summer
Palasa Expands Product Portfolio with ‘The KAI Collective’ this Summer

As the scorching summer sun beats down on us, temperatures are on the rise, making staying indoors a less-than-pleasant experience. One solution to beat the heat is by bringing in some houseplants, which can freshen up the air and help keep indoor spaces cooler.

Palasa, a Bangalore-based studio that specializes in handcrafted planters, has recently launched a new collection of wooden vases called 'The Kai Collective.' This collection pays homage to nature and its imperfections, as each vase is skillfully crafted by repurposing wood from antique furniture. The name 'Kai,' which means 'to restore' in Japanese, is fitting, as these vases give new life to old materials.

The raw and unique curves of these vases bring out the true essence of nature, with their vintage yet modern appearance making them a great fit for contemporary and traditional homes alike. The Kai Collective planters are finished to perfection and will add a touch of brightness and elevate the ambiance of any space. Hand-turned by skilled artisans in India, each decor piece is one-of-a-kind.

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