Retail India News: Olio Pizza's 100th Locations Signals a Shift in India's Pizza Landscape
Retail India News: Olio Pizza's 100th Locations Signals a Shift in India's Pizza Landscape

Olio Pizza inaugurated its 100th location. In a mere two years, Olio Pizza has emerged as a dominant force in the market, revolutionizing the pizza experience for the GenZ demographic and achieving an impressive revenue run rate of nearly 100 crore.

From its modest origins, Olio Pizza has swiftly transformed into the go-to pizza choice across the nation. The brand's success is anchored in its contemporary appeal and unwavering commitment to quality, striking a chord with the younger generation seeking innovative and delectable culinary experiences.

Olio Pizza's expansion to 21 cities underscores its agility in adapting to the evolving preferences of GenZ consumers. With a diverse menu featuring fresh, high-quality ingredients, the brand has successfully captured the taste buds of pizza enthusiasts, earning widespread acclaim.

"This remarkable feat of opening 100 locations speaks volumes about the quality and authenticity of the pizzas that our customers appreciate. This milestone is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, as well as the overwhelming support from our loyal customers. We are grateful for the opportunity to bring Olio Pizza to more communities and share our passion for great food,” said Gokul Kandhi, Chief Business Officer, Curefoods.

Kshitij Budhani, Business Head, Olio Pizza said, “As we mark this milestone, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our loyal customers and dedicated team who have fuelled our rapid rise. Olio Pizza is not just a brand, it is a flavourful experience that resonates with our customers and innovation and unwavering quality that we cater to.

The 100th location opening signifies more than a numerical feat; it symbolizes Olio Pizza's unwavering commitment to delivering an unmatched pizza experience. As the brand continues to redefine the pizza landscape in India, Olio Pizza remains steadfast in its dedication to pushing the boundaries of flavor and innovation in the retail food industry.

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