5 Reasons to Open Your Café Around College Campuses
 5 Reasons to Open Your Café Around College Campuses

The young, pre-family customers of today have become the biggest target audience today and due to valid reasons. Thus, the areas around college campuses have much to offer. There can be many reasons for you to open up your next restaurant near a college campus. “Students these days are aware and want good quality food and ambience. We opened this cafe in special accordance to the needs of the students. Students make for a good audience as they have to attend college regularly and so eat regularly as opposed to families that go out once in a while “says Neeraj, owner of Pirates of Campus, GTB nagar.

Diversity of clientele: College areas never face a shortage of consumers. While students and faculty occupy the campus, nearby college areas also draw an abundance of prospective students, alumni, family and friends of students, attendees of sporting events, and of course residents and families living close by – all of whom have to eat at some point.

College students are the chief consumer: Whether the student body outnumbers the local population or only makes up a small percentage of it, students are the ideal target for food shacks. Their desire for efficient and affordable food fits perfectly with the business model of many QSR and Fast Casual concepts. Students tend to know exactly what they want, when they want it, and how much they want to pay for it – and they tend to be constantly hungry. To top it off, college students are social – they eat with and value the opinion of their friends – making them highly receptive to word of mouth advertising that can be exceptionally beneficial for food concepts. They are open to experiment and adventure. Themed restaurants never get out of trend. “ The themed cafe is based on a major television series that students follow ardently thus making us a popular cafe in the area” shares Aarushi, the owner of Central Perk, GTB nagar.

Brand recognition & loyalty: Students rely on the word of mouth. Once they get a taste of what you serve be it their dining experience, music nights, ambience or the homely feeling you surround them with. Just give them something to relate and stick to and they are sure to make your best and most loyal fan base. College is an essential part in everyone’s lives. Even when your customers leave their colleges and pass out, they are sure to keep visiting you every chance they get. They will make you all time famous in front of the juniors too. That is all you want, right!

Opportunities for increased profits:Most restaurants close at reasonable hours as the sales decline, but college campuses are in a buzz anytime you go. They will be hungry 24*7 and you just have to strategically plan the hours you can benefit the most out of. Also, when big events are organised in college campuses, the sales are bound to rise. Various birthdays and parties are a part of their daily schedule which is sure to profit you.

Growing college population: College population grows each year. As the rate of awareness increases in the society and more and more government schemes for making education compulsory pour in, your customer base increases as well. You are bound to never run short of consumers for what you are marketing. Food is a basic necessity everyone is bound to have at least 3 times a day.

All of this and more, makes the college campus areas the best to have a foodie place at. 

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