5 takeaways from Health Minister's speech at FSSAI app launch
5 takeaways from Health Minister's speech at FSSAI app launch

Who doesn’t love the crunchy layers of samosa and the spiciness of their favourite chole kulcha but are afraid to try them at any street food vendors. Food safety is a major concern in India today. Though, the country has welcomed an array of international cuisines but maintaining the safety and hygiene standard is still not up to the mark.  And, to solve this problem, FSSAI together with the Ministry of Skill is on a ride to provide hygienic street foods to the food lovers.

Here are five takeaways for you to take home from Health Minister JP Nadda’s speech:

Changing the system: before 2014 the regulators have a very different image and the production side too comes under the image. The corporate thought to remain aloof from all system and the NGO thought that how do they approach the government and see to it to contribute in the whole process.  But, today the government is trying to change the system making his wording true ‘sab ka saath sab ka vikaas’ involving all the people together when it comes to coutntry's growth.

Consumer friendly: The government is building an effective team that can connect with the consumers and asking the regulators to be friendly with the consumers. FSSAI recently hosted a programme on food safety initiative wherein it invited people from different fields in an open discussion making it a friendly approach.

Health is wealth: But, in line with this, the food safety watchdog has made it a point that the food being served not only at street vendors but also at restaurants is meeting the basic health parameters. 

Educating the vendors: As they are the biggest contributors in the development of the economy, training and education is the need of the hour. FSSAI which is on food safety ride has partnered with local NGOs to train these vendors about the basic hygiene practice.

Make it a practice: Food safety issue should be made a regular practice. Mechanising and industrialising the programme is very essential so as the vendors adhere to it.

Hence, I feel that with government all gear up to change the scenario of food safety in India, the street food is going to be more tasty and hygienic now. Please do share your feedback by commenting on our Facebook, Twitter page.

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