A Bao Wow experience!
A Bao Wow experience!

It’s trendy, chic, new Asian dining and a cool bar experience. The Fatty Bao, which has created waves in dining circles in Bangalore, has expanded to Mumbai and Delhi.

Off the street, tucked behind an unassuming red door, lies this lazy, happy creature in its cozy abode. This space brings to your plate all that the name whips up – not just any Bao, this is The Fatty Bao! Amply fed with sensory elements evocative of its meanderings through Asia.

The Fatty Bao is the manifestation of our love for innovative Asian fare, a cool bar, great service, attention to detail and mint-fresh ideas. It's the perfect destination for a quick lunch, a leisurely afternoon or an evening get-together among friends, al fresco dining, cool cocktails and a relaxed evening by the bar.

Interiors have been designed by Anshu Arora, while Ayeshe Sadr and Ishaan Dasgupta of 211 Studio, have joyfully contributed to bringing alive the walls with art.

Walk into the patio with a tiny bar and dining space that is overhung with lights that remind one of giant droopy succulent red flowers and a food story map. You are then led inside to a space with tangram-inspired patterned floor, plump furniture, with enough natural light to make for an invigorating lunch hour or a fun night.

The paintings focus on the beautiful ceramics and kitchen implements weaving them into the topography along with motifs, which tie it all together against the background of a dreamy landscape. There is also a Samurai Panda with a quintessential peace offering, to keep you company at the bar. 

Large glass windows offer views of surrounding greenery, while arches frame almost all private dining spaces, creating cozy nooks, yet maintaining a visual connect with the main space. The seating is plump and comfy and when the food arrives, you see that those colors of the space and the food, in fact, belong to the same landscape.

You could choose to settle under the praying mantis lights on a plump couch or move to higher ground – a curated section of a smattering of Asian-style art and graphics… an ode to all things Asian– both old and new!

Artist Bianca Ballantyne has created some of these. Each table has a set of Channapatna Kokeshi dolls in the form of a cruet set, from Varnam, to greet you. These have been handcrafted in Channapatna, a small heritage town in Karnataka, famous for its toys made with lacquered wood from the Aale Mara (ivory wood).

Keep an eye on the red cave, it leads to the temple of food – the hearty soulful food will emerge at any moment.

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