Are Restaurants Friendly with Facebook?
Are Restaurants Friendly with Facebook?

The Facebook page of ‘Domino’s’ India has 44,42,273 likes and thousands of people are talking about it. The Dominos India has posted all the recent tweaks to invite customers with the new ‘chatakedar lebanese roll’, ‘peppy paneer pizza’ and many new offerings. Not only new launches, but also the offers and discounts have been posted on their wall to attract huge number of customers. A recent wall share about the offers and discounts goes like this: the Domino's Pizza Carnival kicks off in Chennai & Hyderabad where people can order from any store in both the two cities and you could win Domino's vouchers worth Rs 500 and more.

The ‘Pizza Hut’ page on Facebook not only advertises about things, but also shares post about their new offerings and discounts and interacts with people by sharing jokes, music and quizzes. It also invites people to share their views on it.  The Pizza Hut India has 1,257,878 likes with more than a million people following it on the Facebook.

On the other hand, the famous South Indian restaurant, ‘Sagar Ratna’s’ Facebook page is not updated regularly and one can only see a few posts regarding the new menu launch and a few pictures of the restaurant. It is not as peppy as Dominoz or Pizza Hut.

The ‘Punjabi by Nature’ is a well developed page with 41,919 likes and 681 fan following. The wall shows all the recent offers in the restaurant, the flamed ‘gulab jamun’, the fresh summer appetizers like ‘tandoori salmon’, and varieties of drinks to give you a fresh feeling this summer. The page also posts photos of its well-designed dishes to attract customers. It reflects a “perfect mix of tradition and innovation in every sense, reflected through the unique international setup that electrifies the dining experience.”

The Nirulas has a very beautiful wall presenting its wide range of offerings – the rajma rice, brownie with ice cream and the mouth-watering ice creams decorated with chocolate chips, mango slices, rose leaves and many other toppings. Nirulas has 31,634 likes and 585 talking about this.

KFC India has crossed 4 million likes and has updates its page on a regular basis. The wall posts photos of current offerings of chicken pop corn, chicken shots and the very latest ‘Go on a Double Date’ with 2 soft serves. The offers, like freshly brewed Kold Koffee for your sipping pleasure at just Rs.35 and snacking was never so good! Snack on a crispy ‘Chicken Snacker’ for just Rs.35. Mouth watering images is also posted on the wall of the restaurant.

‘Subway India’ has 246,434 likes. The restaurant posts photos of its sandwiches, salads and other yummy dishes reflecting the growing culture of food in the country.

The Mc Donald’s page on Facebook says “This page is dedicated to all our fans who say ‘I'm lovin it' to us!” The page has about 1,042,083 likes and 27,464 are talking about this. It has also posted images of burgers that one gets for breakfast, the crushers and other offerings too. The page has also posted photos of its new ‘Shake Shake Chicken Mc Nuggets Piri Piri’ style and if hunger is sneaking up on you, you can call or order online from any of the restaurant outlet.

Burger King India recently joined the Facebook community and the page is not well updated to attract the Indian foodies through the site. It has only 16 likes and only 6 people are talking about the restaurant.

The Taco Bell India has posted a very tempting image of its 7 layer Burrito as its cover photo – first step of marketing where it has left the other restaurants behind. The restaurant has over 47,548 likes and about 1,696 people are talking about this restaurant. The restaurant has also thought of the Box by making the wall a bit fun for the people by posting about “Turn up The Eat- Chaluperience the Chalupiest Snack”. The idea sounds fun and at the same time tempts anyone.

Pollo Tropical offers tropically inspired, freshly-prepared grilled chicken and other flavoured meals for lunch and dinner in a fast-casual environment with dine in.  Pollo Tropical has a well defined Facebook page where it posts a whole range of foods and sauces with beautiful photos. However with only 691 likes and 247 people following it, the reason is clear – most of the crowd might be unaware of the restaurant.

Restaurant Likes Fan following
Domino’s India 44,42,215 likes 234,567
KFC India 42,11,989 likes 400,310
Subway India 2,46,434 likes 4,510
Pizza Hut India 1,257,878 likes  26,323
McDonald’s India 1,042,083 likes 27,464
Taco Bell India 47,548 likes 1,696
Punjabi By Nature 41,919 likes 681
Nirula’s 31,634 likes 585
Pollo Tropical 691 likes 247
Burger King India 16 likes 6


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