Beauty and Healthcare Go Hand in Hand, says Daphne Danielson
Beauty and Healthcare Go Hand in Hand, says Daphne Danielson

Recently we have seen a lot of global skin care brands entering the Indian market. BelleWave Cosmetics Pte. Ltd. (a VLCC Group Company), a premium Switzerland-based skincare brand, launched a range of products for top 1000 salons, covering 10 metro cities in India.

In a casual chat with Franchise India, Daphne Danielson, Training Manager, Regional, BelleWave Cosmetics speaks that beauty and healthcare go hand in hand.

Immediate Results

Daphne began her career as a beautician, after which she took up courses to enhance her skills and gradually she became a trainer. With over 24 years of experience as an aesthetician and trainer, Daphne has observed the industry’s growth closely.

Daphne believes that people these days are very restless and want an immediate result, which is why the aesthetic found its market. She says, “People want fast, immediate results and they don’t mind spending a large sum of money for that. At the end of the day, they don’t think of the side effects that some may have, which is making beauty industry a bit tougher with the aesthetic.”

Beauty and Healthcare

For a long time, beauty and healthcare were treated as two different entities, but the technology and development have made them come under one roof.

Daphne says, “I see that the beauty industry is merging with aesthetic doctors. So, they are working hand in hand. There are certain skin ailments which beauticians cannot treat, they refer to their partner doctors to do the job and then they come back to the beautician for maintenance and prevention.”

She adds, “The skin is a living organ, it produces cells and cells do age and die off. We are not doctors with Ph.D. that we will be able to diagnose ailments in depth. So, these are the times when we will need a doctor’s expertise in this.”

Indian Customers vs Global Brands

Daphne believes that Indian customers are more attracted to herbal, ayurvedic and natural products, whereas global brands use chemicals and natural products in synchronization and align the qualities as per the skin’s demand.

Daphne says, “Indian brands and Indian customer are very fond of herbal and natural products, which is good but these days the pollutants have increased in the atmosphere, that’s why global brands like BelleWave use chemicals to extract the pure quality of the natural products and enhances the function of the products.”

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