Building a brand experience!
Building a brand experience!

Consumer these days is consuming the brand and not just food. Experience is the new measuring stick of growth when it comes to restaurant business. The end to end experience right from walking in to a restaurant to walking out, every aspect including – aroma, ambience, food, service and last but not the least an everlasting memory, is like a cog in the growth wheel otherwise everybody loves to hog on their couch or in the bed. Dining these days is less transactional and more personal. What is more important is that dining and eating out has to be different in its experience.

With India’s exponential growth, experimentation with cuisines and concepts and frequency of eating out, the F&B sector is expanding at a rapid pace, which is expected to grow to USD 75 billion by 2021, at compound annual growth rate of 10%. Based on the report by consulting firm Grant Thornton India and lobby group Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), urbanisation, changing lifestyle and evolving food preferences are further contributing to the growth of the organized sector.

Food Experience

What is a food experience? People generally recognise that food experience involves eating, but it involves lots more innovation- a creative menu, hybrid ingredients and a treat to feast upon. Restaurant Congress 2017 will discuss the topics regarding restaurant and food experience that have made it to the World’s top list and most importantly have discovered a foodlicious experience.

“We believe that if a customer has come back to you it’s because of the positive experience. You will have to consistently deliver as people walk in with high expectation. You will have to upping the brand internally if you are a service driven brand like fine dining. You need to make people smiling on Monday as they are cheering on Saturday,” says Reynold Fernandes, CEO at Oriental Cuisines Pvt Ltd.

Store Experience

It all starts the moment you enter inside a restaurant. From creating an environment that lasts forever to an ambience that shines with the theme of the restaurant and cuisine being served. People today eats out at a restaurant for an everlasting experience and you will have to catch this on Restaurant Congress 2017.

“Over a period of time you need to work in terms of brand. Put out new products, innovate restaurant in terms of how it looks and also try and create more interesting advertising,” points Manish Tandon, CEO at Au Bon Pain.


Unwind how top food-tech players are building high on growth. Food combined with tech is the shining star in fast evolving food business today. Innovation+ Experience+ SmartPhone + Digital disruption is making the business more ease and cosy.

Service Experience

Service remains an integral part of the dining out scenario. A service that rocks has always brought good number of footfall to restaurants. Restaurants these days are focusing a lot on the minute details introducing new and innovative service angle into the restaurant business. Restaurant Congress 2017 will spill the beans about some of the top services that changed the food service game in the country.

“For us it is Jo dikhta hai wo bikta hai. We publicise the new item and the product on the menu,” shares Binod Homagai, Co-Founder at Wow! Momo.

Hence, we can say that these days people are no more into just eating out, it’s all about the experience that is counting upon. 

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