Coronavirus in India: Burger Singh Sanitizes its Outlets, Logistics and Human Resources
Coronavirus in India: Burger Singh Sanitizes its Outlets, Logistics and Human Resources

In times of Coronavirus when all the delivery platforms are taking extra precautions in dealing with their orders, Home-grown Indian food chain, Burger Singh is also taking precautionary measures in its departments of logistics, operations and human resources.  

The parent company of Burger Singh- Tipping Mr Pink Pvt Ltd is taking steps to ensure utmost precaution and safety of its employees and customers. Apart from giving Personal Protective Equipment to all their logistics staff, their warehouses and delivery vehicles are also being sanitised twice a day. 

“All outlets are being sanitized every half an hour. We have dedicated one member from our staff to ensure this is being done. Also, we are checking the temperature of our staff at the beginning of all three shifts,” Burger Singh said. 

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Hygiene is Serious Business Today

The company has also provided training regarding mandatory hygiene and safety to its employees. 

Although Burger Singh has witnessed a decline in its dine-in sales, it denies any drop in its delivery sales due to the outbreak. Instead it says their deliveries have gone up. 

“We haven't seen any decline in overall sales till now. Burger Singh and Bowl Hub (which is registered under the same parent company) have a larger proportion of sales already coming from delivery. Delivery sales have actually gone up in the last 2 days by 4.5%,” says Burger Singh. 

It further says that the decline in its dine-in sales, which is due to the social distancing by its customers, has been compensated by the uptick in delivery orders. 

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