Hiring right security for your restaurant and bar
Hiring right security for your restaurant and bar

In the last few decades, the security requirement of a big restaurant chain has transformed immensely. Restaurants all over the globe have understood the importance of investing greatly into security as the customers have started asking for a safe and secure atmosphere. In recent times, the security threats that loom over restaurants become quite complexed and owners are forming new alliances with the top private security agencies to deal with all sorts of latest threats.

Hiring a security firm can help protect your restaurant from crime and unruly customers, but which firm do you hire? If you are going to trust someone else to protect your restaurant, it is critical to find the right match for the job. Especially for the restaurants and nightclubs where footfall is huge, and a lot of assets are exposed, keeping the surveillance tight is of utmost importance. But, before hiring a security firm, there are several questions that one need to address. 

What happens in an emergency?

If someone breaks into the property, owners want to be sure there is a procedure in place to deal with it in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Having a procedure in place in case of emergencies will put your mind at rest and hopefully, if the worst was to happen, damages can be minimized. These procedures should include calling law enforcement, protecting customers and employees from danger, escorting people from the area and being a good witness for the police.

According to Mohit Jindal, Director, Yellow Chilli, for fine dining outlets a mature guard at the front door with good built is enough who should not have any relationship with any of the staff working at the outlet. Ensure that the security guards that are hired know how to deescalate a situation if a guest is getting out of hand to ensure the surrounding customers and staff remain safe. Guards do this by using a three-step process: assess the situation, adapt to the state of the situation and attend to the situation. The restaurant staff should have similar training to quell such situations. 

Does your security firm have proper licensing?

The security firm that is being hired should be legally licensed in that particular state.  A legally licensed security firm ensures that a true professional is hired, capable of protecting property and patrons. This does not necessarily mean an individually licensed guard but a licensed security firm as a whole.

“Security is one very important aspect of our business or any other business for that matter. For us its tad bit more, as there are lot of resources involved (Human as well as material) and in order to curb any pilferages/leakages we rely on teams from well known security providers and we make sure that the manpower deployed is changed every two to three months so that they don’t get familiar to any given human resource,” Akshay Anand, Owner of ToyRoom and Ophelia commented. 

Are your guards trained and how much do you pay them?

Asking the firm if they have well-trained guards will ensure they are experienced to do the job properly. Ask the potential security team if the guards are trained with weapons? Do they know how to execute a perimeter search? Do they know how to tell if someone is acting suspicious? How do they deal with unruly guests who may have had one too many drinks? Trained guards will be able to perform these tasks and provide better security for your property.

When hiring a security firm make sure the guards are paid well because, as in any job, you are more likely to get someone who is interested in doing their job and do it well, if they are getting paid more.

Anand feels that to ensure prompt security, one must have a very close-knit team and leadership, in that case, trust is a big factor to ensure there is self-policing and a sense of attachment to the workplace and every team member intrinsically starts acting as security personnel.

What is your experience working with other businesses in my industry?

The security company should have knowledge and understanding of the environment in which one operates and the individual processes that need to be put in place to keep the business, employees and customers safe.  “The guard should always be hired from some agency rather than direct, this maintains more secured environment,” Jindal suggests who also feels that it's a crucial operation decision for clubs and cafes with bar and too crucial with the fine dining. 

Atul Mahajan, Director of Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd Delhi have provided bouncers to the prominent bars, clubs, discotheques, and restaurants in the town. “There is a certain different job that club security usually performs. These duties depend on the size of the place, the number of patrons, the extent of alcohol served, and the resulting security risks,” he commented. 

Restaurants not only have to focus on cooking and serving meals, but they also have to juggle the safety of their employees, the health of their guests and the security of their building. Thus, hiring the right security should not be a miss. 

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