Hiring Staff for Restaurant Success
Hiring Staff for Restaurant Success

Everyone in a restaurant has a title and role to play – from dishwashers and waiters at the bottom to Chefs and Managers at the top. So manpower is a very important requirement, particularly, for the restaurant business because it is a business driven by staff.

Mr. Thomas, Manager, Gulati Restaurant, says, “Hiring is done by advertising the required position on the website of the restaurant. Eligible candidates are then called for interviews. The selection is done as per the qualification of an individual. We have a group of qualified and extensive personnel with a background in hotel management and industry. In Gulati, we are divided in three corners and each section operates accordingly. There are 40 people in a group comprising of 27 waiters, 6 managers and the rest serve the other sections.”

Restaurant work, especially entry positions in the kitchen and the front office, are usually filled with people in their late teens. Speaking on the mode of hiring qualified people Mr. Darshan Ramangouda, Managing Partner, Hungry Hogs, Bangalore, says, “We hire most of our people through word-of-mouth. Ours is a simple fast food setup restaurant. We don’t hire very qualified people; we just need a person having knowledge of the kitchen and food.”

While Mr. Sachin Dhoka, Restaurant Owner, Firangi Tadka, Pune, opines, “Hiring should always done on the work experience of the person, his personality, his individual presentation and performance during an interview.”

He further adds, “Our motive is to achieve target by employing the best and the experienced from the industry because a restaurant is totally a man-driven business and staffing is the whole and sole of a restaurant.”

It’s very important for you to fill every position in your restaurant with the right people. Here are some ways to make hiring personnel for your Restaurant easy:

  • List down the positions: Make a list of the positions where you need to hire personnel. Before doing so, it is good to consider the type of restaurant you are going to open or are currently running. While a fine dine restaurant need chefs, bartenders and waiters to wait tables and take orders, a fast food restaurant setup, on the other hand, is different. A manager is someone who is required in all the setups to manage the operations.
  • Choose employees carefully:  During interviews you know every little about the applicant. So converse with them about their experience, their goals and their contributions in the field and observe them.
  • Reference check: Checking references listed by the candidate in his CV is very important. Call the references mentioned and check from them the details about the applicant. This can give you an idea about his prior role in the company and his professional character.
  • Salary expectations: You should clearly ask the applicant about his salary expectations and clarify yours too in order to create a successful business. You do need to manage your labour cost effectively, but prepare to stay honest and stick to your promise. 
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