How about a Selfie with Coffee
How about a Selfie with Coffee

What was the whole idea of starting this restaurant?

Food industry has always been the core. Selfie swag café was a random idea when I realised that today’s generation is crazy about selfies. On an average a person spends 48 hours in a year taking selfies according to a study. So, we have just kept the flow going and created a whole new trend of having a drink with a selfie on it.

How this process follows?

It’s quite simple. Customers take a selfie at the time of ordering their coffee, which is then sent to a specialised coffee machine to have their selfie magically appear right on their coffee foam.

Tell us something about your product?

We use Arabic coffee beans and we have set the price affordable keeping India’s price sensitivity in mind and also we wanted everyone to have this experience. No one should left out.

What challenges did you face before setting up a concept like this?

It took a lot of drudgery as I have tried around 2000 drinks in last month. So we have done a lot of R&D for five to six months before coming up with the concept. The ink which we are using with our drinks are food colour based and the amount we are putting in our drinks is one hundredth of the amount one puts in coffee. It’s all water based.

As you have brought a new segment to beverages. How do you think market segments affect this sector?

Market segments keep changing and change is the only thing constant. It’s good that everybody is getting mature in food and beverage industry and they want to innovate something actually amazing to give customer an outstanding experience. Industry is growing towards specialised foods and in the next few years coffee will also bring a boom in beverage sector. Market segments are good to cut monotony.

How do you see the competition?

We do not see any competition as we have introduced a different segment altogether. Though, we are serving the best quality coffee with smiles on people’s face. At the end of the day people want to be satisfied and worth paying for. We are not concerned about the cost, we care about the smiles.

Why did you choose Noida instead of Delhi and Gurugram?

Noida has one of the biggest malls in India, DLF Mall of India which attracts a huge crowd and that is why we are here.

Are you planning to expand?

100 per cent investment is ours right now and as far as expansion plans are concerned, we are already talking about expansions in different areas. For now, we are planning to open our next outlet in Delhi and then Chandigarh is in talks.

What is the target audience?

We are in business to prepare and serve fun filled experience of beverages and snacks to the people from all ages, be it kids, teenagers or elderly persons as they all enjoy taking selfies. Our main concentration will be on customers between the age group of 16-35 years.

How do you see the future with your product?

Future’s undoubtedly great. Every other person is just crazy over selfies and posting them on different social media platforms. Virtual reality is the evolution because of massive technology around us today.

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